EGADE U WEEK Future Thinking for Transformational Leadership

Discover EGADE U Week: 28-30 March, 2019 in Monterrey.

EGADE U Week - is an innovative update program that focuses on the changing business context, and the soft and hard skills that today´s leaders need to transform their organizations and teams. 
EGADE U Week is an intensive and rewarding 2.5 day executive program designed by EGADE for EXATEC, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs which will enable participants to acquire the knowledge and competencies required to lead change in times of radically evolving technologies and an accelerating digital transformation.

The program offers:

  • Global Faculty
  • EGADE-Stanford team teaching
  • Disruptive Learning
  • Future Thinking and Scenarios
  • Global Business megatrends & technology context
  • Mexico’s Transformation
  • Shark Tank Challenges
  • High-impact Networking

Be part of EGADE U Week. Inspiring. Innovative. Impactful.

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