EGADE Guadalajara Enjoys In-Person Graduation

Flor López Cárdenas, CEO of HP Guadalajara, acted as the guest speaker in the ceremony.


The time has arrived! A select group of 106 graduates and alumni of the classes of June 2021, December 2020, and June 2020 from the EGADE Business School Guadalajara site, celebrated their graduation today in person.

Some of them attended the ceremony, held under the strictest safety and hygiene protocols, at Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Guadalajara Campus Sports Dome, while others chose to follow the graduation virtually through EGADE Business School’s transmission on Facebook Live and the live.tec.mx site.

EGADE Business School had not held an in-person graduation ceremony since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic until June 30 this year in Monterrey, and July 2nd in Mexico City.

For the first time ever, the graduates experienced a ceremony exclusively for EGADE Guadalajara, since on previous occasions they had participated in events held for all graduating Tec undergraduates and graduates.

The guest speaker was Flor López Cárdenas, CEO of HP Guadalajara, who delivered the first message of the ceremony.

The executive explained that digitization is constantly changing the way in which organizations work and the skills needed to flourish in business and, therefore, urged the graduates to continue to prepare themselves and develop new skills.

“We hadn’t anticipated a pandemic, but if you are transforming yourself and, together, we are redefining the future of work, we have managed to build a community of resilient individuals, willing to fight and progress," said the guest of honor.

López Cárdenas was accompanied on the presidium by Marisa Lazo Corvera, Chair of the Board, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara; Claudia Félix Sandoval, Vice-President of Tecnológico de Monterrey, western region; Osmar Zavaleta Vázquez, Interim Dean of EGADE Business School; and Raúl Montalvo Corzo, Director of EGADE Business School, Guadalajara site.

“Today, EGADE’s prestige is being strengthened with each and every one of you, a class of graduates that have given everything for their education in these times of adversity and uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Today, you are receiving a huge commitment and responsibility. Your master’s degree has turned you into masters of change, transformation and entrepreneurship for human flourishing. We are certain that you will honor this degree,” Félix Sandoval said in his message addressed to the participants.

Moreover, Marcos Alberto Salazar Ruiz,  EGADE MBA graduate, offered a message on behalf of the classes of June 2021, December 2020, and June 2020.

“Today does not mark the end of a cycle, but, on the contrary, the start of a new one, rife with numerous challenges, but also great opportunities. I would like to invite you to put into practice, with the highest level of responsibility and commitment, the knowledge and values acquired at EGADE Business School and, in this way, let’s contribute to our society and environment, transforming them into a better place to live,” Salazar Ruiz stated.

Finally, Zavaleta Vázquez stressed that the current context requires new purposeful leaders, capable of generating value and sharing it with their communities, to reduce the gap between the most and least favored.

“You are the best-prepared leaders of any generation because you have experienced, studied, and combined your professional, academic, and personal commitments in a period of great uncertainty, successfully culminating your professional goals,” the dean stated.

The 106 master’s graduates taking part in this ceremony represent diverse Mexican states and 5 other countries (Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, and India).

Per program, in all three classes, 88 graduated from the EGADE MBAfrom the Master in Management, and 15 from the Master in Business Management.

With these new graduating classes EGADE Business School is fulfilling its firm commitment to contribute to the preparation of purposeful, conscious leaders, men, and women capable of generating shared value and transforming society.

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