Research Group
Impactful Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This Research Group has as a purpose to understand the determinants that enable the development of entrepreneurship and innovation systems in which entrepreneurs, investors, businesses, universities, and centers of research as hubs for talent attraction, to empower the growth of economy of knowledge, through entrepreneurship that solves problems, generate value and social impact, is sustainable, innovative, profitable, and scalable, with the purpose of contributing to the reduction of social and economic gaps in the region.

It is as well part of the purpose of this Research Group to study the form in which financial innovation, in all its dimensions, can contribute with initiatives that promote financial inclusion, the development of better products and financial services, a more efficient operation of markets and financial institutions, among others, becoming benefits for the users within the financial system.

To achieve these objectives Research projects and initiatives will be defined in the following subject areas:

  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem
  • Education for entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Technological innovation in financial markets
  • Financial sector regulation
  • Industrial chains and finance
  • Public polocy for the development of the financial sector
  • Risk management in financial markets

Some research questions: TAG Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • What innovation mechanisms are relevant for the development of new businesses?
  • How can businesses implement innovation in their business models?
  • How can we create competitive entrepreneurships at an international level?
  • How can we create business models with an international focus?
  • How can we measure the entrepreneurship dynamics? (national, state level, local) ?
  • Which are the conditions of the context and systems that enable innovative entrepreneurships?
  • Which are the mechanisms for the creation and development of enterprises? (from ideation to financing)
  • Which are the best practices/pedagogies to teach entrepreneurship? (curricular and co-curricular)
  • Which are the indicators of impact for these practices?
  • How do we develop university systems of entrepreneurship?
  • Which are the relevant factors for the creation of entrepreneurships with social impact?
  • How can we design business models with social impact?
  • How is impact investment evaluated?
  • What is the role of new technologies in the impulse of new social entrepreneurships?
  • How can entrepreneurships impact the development of society?
  • How can entrepreneurships be conscious?

Some research questions: TAG Financial Innovation and Inclusion

  • How to enhance payment methods in Mexico?
  • How can technology and behavioral economy contribute to the development of financial services for excluded populations?
  • What innovative instruments and behavioral perspectives can help to reduce the risk of financing in México?
  • How can we measure the impact of financial development in society?
  • Hod must regulation in the digital financial system evolve?
  • Which are the tendencies in personal data, corporate governance, and others?
  • How can national savings increase with public policies that are effective and bring stability to the system?
  • Which are the perspectives of consumer protection that must be considered in the Mexican financial system?
  • What is the value chain of the Fintech industry in LATAM?
  • How can we link new business models with startups and the big players of the financial sector?
  • What instruments and how can the Fintech industry make much more efficient funding to value chains?
  • What impact does financial development have in the industrial and regional productivity, its growth, and convergence?
  • Which are the best practices of regulatory policy that can be implemented in Mexico?
  • What inceptives can promote the development of innovative financial services, timely, and attainable?
  • How can we replicate and improve models that enhance the financial sector developed by other countries in the LATAM context?
  • Which should be the legal framework of the banking system that meets the needs of investment in Mexico?
  • Which are the metrics for risk management in businesses that best aim for its control?
  • What products of risk management should exist in the market and under which conditions?
  • What has been the impact of the operation of financial markets due to the use of digital technologies?

Leader: Ernesto Amorós

TAG Entrepreneurship and Innovation, leader: Sascha Fürst

TAG Financial Innovation and Inclusion, leader: René Cabral



Name TAG
Aldahir Caballero Campbell Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Alfonso Avila Robinson Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Carlos Dotor Cacho Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Cristian Granados Sánchez Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Cynthia Lorena Franco Rodríguez Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Dante Benito Castro Solano Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Felipe Ignacio Symmes Avendaño Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Félix Florencio Cárdenas Del Castillo Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Francisco Javier De la Fuente Flores Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Geraldina Silveyra León Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Jairo Abraham Ruiz Nava Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Ján Rehák Entrepreneurship and Innovation
José Ernesto Amorós Espinosa Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Linda Elizabeth Ruiz Castro Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Lucía Alejandra Rodríguez Aceves Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Marcia Nelly Villasana Campos Entrepreneurship and Innovation
María de los Dolores González Saucedo Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Martín González Vásquez Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Miguel Angel Rodríguez Montes Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Olimpia Nayelli Rosales Ledezma Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Patricia Esther Alonso Galicia Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Sascha Fürst Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Adrián Rodríguez Buenrostro Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Adriana Ramírez Rocha Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Alejandro Fonseca Ramírez Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Alejandro Lome Hurtado Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Alicia Fernanda Galindo Manrique Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Carlos Alberto Vargas Castolo Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Daniel Cerecedo Hernández Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Daniel González Olivares Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Eduardo Saucedo de la Fuente Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Felipe Abelardo Pérez Sosa Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Fernando Andrés Moya Dávila Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Iván Adolfo Valdovinos Hernández Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Jorge Adrian Meyran Woo Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Jorge Arturo Martínez González Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Jorge Rubén Keith Islas Financial Innovation and Inclusion
José Antonio Núñez Mora Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Kathia Ramos Garza Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Luis Arturo Bernal Ponce Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Luisa Alejandra Vilches Murillo Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Luz del Carmen Díaz Peña Financial Innovation and Inclusion
María del Rocío Vega Zavala Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Mario Iván Contreras Valdez Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Masa Kuljis Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Miguel Angel Rendón Valdés Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Osmar Hazael Zavaleta Vázquez Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Raymundo Diaz Robles Financial Innovation and Inclusion
René Cabral Torres Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Roger Ivanodik Juan López Churata Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Rolando Fuentes Bracamontes Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Teofilo Ozuna Jr Financial Innovation and Inclusion
Xiomara Vázquez Guillén Financial Innovation and Inclusion