Ph.D. in Financial Science
Take your passion for research to the next level

Strengthen scientific progress through high-quality research on relevant financial issues.

4 years
Spanish / English
Part time
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The graduate program that inspires you to go further

Dominate the financial sector, develop all your skills with innovative, solid training and corporate, sectoral and global perspective.

The Ph.D. in Financial Science prepares you to be an influential research leader with the rigour and vision necessary to understand and respond to current and future financial challenges.



Midweek and weekends CDMX

Mexico City


Behind every great generation, there is a brilliant faculty

Learn directly from professors and researchers recognized at international level, most of them members of the Mexicos's National System of Researchers, SNI.



Training that serves an end in itself: excellence

The Ph.D. in Financial Science is a program designed for restless minds seeking to have a real impact.

Cutting-edge approach

With a focus on risk management and corporate finance, the Ph.D. develops training with special emphasis on asset valuation, wallet management, international finance, financial institutions and Economics applied to finance.

International stays

Live unique experiences from brief research stays to options of international exchange with prestigious academic partners.

Part-time format

With a duration of four years and a half, part-time format allows you to easily set your agenda and combine your studies with your professional life.

Research Groups with strategic approach

Spearhead finance research in Mexico participating in the research lines promoted by the School, expanding your reach through publications and participation in national and international congresses.

A global network

Access a powerful global network of contacts through the synergy and collaboration EXATEC-EGADE Business School to increase your growth opportunities.

How to apply.
Requirements and Admissions
Admission to this program is highly competitive. EGADE Business School Admissions Committee comprehensively evaluates the academic and professional experience of each applicant.

We are a community of outstanding minds that change the business reality with their leadership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Santa Fe:
    Ph.D. In Business Administration. (Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Business Analytics, Strategy and Management of organizations in Emerging Economies).
    Ph.D. in Financial Science. (Macroeconomics and Finance, Business Analytics).
  • Monterrey:
    Ph.D. In Business Administration (Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Business Analytics, Strategy and Management of organizations in Emerging Economies).

4 years.


The first year comprises the heaviest academic load, and the greatest number of courses will be taught. After the first year, the academic load will be reduced and the research load, the writing of papers in prestigious journals, international programs, and the preparation and development of the project.

Your advisor will always guide you and together you will organize follow-up schedules.

It has an approximate cost of 970,000 MXN depending on the number of units paid per subject registered.

If you have already taken a PAEP test, we must validate the score you were admitted to for your master’s program. If this score was less than 600 points, you must retake the test.

If your previous studies, "Undergraduate or Graduate" were done abroad, there is no need to take the test, as long as the program was studied in English in an English-speaking country.

  • Santa Fe: Ph.D. In Business Administration 10 places and Ph.D. in Financial Science 10 places.
  • Monterrey: Ph.D. In Business Administration 10 places.
  • Note: This may change depending on the need of assigned advisors.

June 1st with accredited test scores.

Validate in the admission process documents.

Yes, once admitted into the program you will need to apostille the following: Birth certificate, academic transcript, and professional diploma or degree. If your documentation is in a language different from Spanish, you must get a translation into Spanish by a Mexican official translator. To apply for the admission process you only need copies of the documents without apostilles.

  • Ph.D. In Business Administration: To have a master’s degree program.
  • PhD. in Financial Science: To have a master’s degree, preferably in Economics or Finance. If your degree is in another area, it is important to have a bachelor's degree in economics, finance, or professional experience in the field.

No. Although these will help you have the foundation, the level of the subjects on the Ph.D. is higher.

Yes, the time will depend on the development of the project, sometimes you can advance up to 1 year.


These can be addressed to EGADE Business School. There must be 3 letters. They do not have to be enveloped. Simply uploading the 3 letters in a single file on the platform is enough.

Given the circumstances now, they don’t have to be on letterhead. If it is not possible to obtain the signature of the person issuing it, contact information such as e-mail and telephone number must be included. Letters can be written in Spanish.

It can be addressed to EGADE Business School. The format is free, it is recommended to be 1 page long and to describe the objective of why you want to enter the program. It is important to be written in English.