Research Group
Leadership and Effective & Efficient Organizations

This Research Group (RG) has the purpose of suggesting new leadership models, organizational structures, and working dynamics that promote flexible and agile organizations, that enable their transformation and capacity to adapt to changes in the environment, through Research projects that will focus on the following lines of work:

  • Leadership with purpose
  • Leadership and inclusion
  • Women leadership
  • Education and leadership development
  • Organizational and cultural design
  • The future of work and talent in Mexico and Latin America
  • The formation of talent and the future of work
  • Flexibility, Agility, and change
  • Processes of talent management

Leader: Ajnesh Prasad

TAG Leadership, leader: Elliott Kruse

TAG Organizational Design and Culture, leader: Sergio Madero



Name TAG
Ajnesh Prasad Leadership
Ana Lissette Segovia Philip Leadership
Bárbara Isabel Mojarro Durán Leadership
Christian Yarid Ayala Millán Leadership
Elliott Tyler Kruse Leadership
Katia Villafuerte Cardona Leadership
Alexander Lapshun Organizational Design and Culture
Mariana Alejandra Cordova Contreras Organizational Design and Culture
Miguel Angel Tinoco Castrejón Organizational Design and Culture
Nuria Patricia Rojas Vargas Organizational Design and Culture
Olivia del Roble Hernández Pozas Organizational Design and Culture
Sergio Manuel Madero Gómez Organizational Design and Culture