Future of Work Group
Organizational design and culture

The new ways of doing business require attractive solutions that generate value. This is why the organizational design and evolution of processes of talent management are key factors in the future of work. Therefore, the creation of this research group aims to be a link into the knowledge of transcending aspects of the formation of culture in organizations.

The group is focused on analyzing, identifying and knowing the aspects of business management that are useful for the definition of strategies to face the challenges of organizational leaders and design proposals of improvement. This, to avoid that any changes in the market change the processes within the business.

In our research group, we look for the opinion of leaders and collaborators in businesses to strengthen the development of models and scientific proposals to help maintain and improve, through their proposals, a delightful working environment and an organizational design that adjusts to new working schemes. The work will be supported by the design, development and publication of scientific articles in specialized journals, divulgative articles, and the participation in conferences and congresses, both nationally and internationally, seeking outreach through social media and other platforms to provide an advance of the working progress of the group.

The research lines are multidisciplinary and have a special focus on practices and processes of business management, the future of work, and organizational design and culture; taking into account the aspects of sustainability and its impact on the person and the social environment.


Name Campus Level of the National
Researcher System
Sergio Madero Gómez Monterrey Level 2
Laura Zapata Cantú EGADE Level 2
Oscar Eliud Ortiz Mendoza Monterrey Candidate
José Luis Montes Martínez Monterrey  
Marianela Adriaenséns Monterrey  
Mariana Córdova SLP  
Lizbeth Alicia Gonzalez Tamayo Toluca  
Aniko Dorner Hidalgo  
Lilia Patricia López Vázquez Morelia  


  • March 2022

    Colaboración: valor clave para el futuro del trabajo
    Publicada en El Financiero, viernes 11 de marzo de 2022, escrita por Marianela Adriaenséns, Directora de Proyectos Académicos de la Región Monterrey y profesora del Grupo Académico sobre el Futuro del Trabajo.

  • January 2022

    ¿Cómo trabajaremos en el futuro?
    Publicada en el Financiero, viernes 14 de enero de 2022, escrita por José Luis Montes, Profesor y Director de Programa en la Escuela de Negocios y miembro del Grupo Académico sobre El Futuro del Trabajo.

  • November 2021

    Preparación para el trabajo híbrido
    Publicada en el Financiero, viernes 19 de noviembre de 2021, escrita por Sergio Madero Gómez, profesor-investigador de la Escuela de Negocios y líder del Grupo Académico sobre El Futuro del Trabajo.