Financial Aid

Our purpose is to recruit the best and brightest candidates to join our community. We seek to empower and provide support to talented students to achieve their dreams and make a difference in society.

Candidates who are admitted with high academic performance or with a remarkable career can obtain an EGADE Business School scholarship. This entails a process of evaluation carried out by an academic committee that will assess if you can be awarded any of our scholarships.

In addition to the Internal Financial Aid options, there are several external funding alternatives that can help you with your tuition.

The following financial aids are applicable for enrollment in April 2023.

Becas / Scholarships
Convenios / Partnerships
Créditos / External Funding

Empowering Business Women

Empowering Business Women was created as a means of driving the talent of extraordinary women towards their highest potential by funding a portion of their graduate degree and offering mentorship sessions with leading experts in their field of study.

This scholarship is aimed at those candidates who have an outstanding background, academic excellence and professional experience.

Disruptive Data Leader

Embrace your role as an expert in digital business. Disruptive Data Leader is a scholarship for business leaders who are looking to take both their career and digital transformation to new heights.

This scholarship is aimed at outstanding candidates seeking to study the Master in Business Analytics.

Financial Innovation

Step into the new financial landscape. Financial Innovation is an opportunity for those LATAM leaders who seek to develop and accelerate financial solutions by developing comprehensive knowledge and skills.

This scholarship is aimed at candidates with an outstanding track record and a strong vision for the future of the financial sector.

International/LATAM Talent

Take your graduate degree in Mexico. International/LATAM Talent is a scholarship for those business leaders who are looking to expand their scope and study at LATAM's #1 business school.

This scholarship is aimed at international candidates who are not only interested in business and innovation, but who also have great leadership potential.

The Academic Accomplishment Scholarship

This scholarship is regarded as the greatest honor given to students who have a superior level of academic performance and personal traits that reflect their potential to make a great contribution to the business environment.

The Financial Aid Committee evaluates individuals whose intellectual prowess, professional relationships and efforts can convey EGADE Business School’s values.

The Professional Trajectory Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students with great leadership potential and a remarkable trajectory within the business, innovation, and entrepreneurial environment.

The EXATEC Tuition Agreement

This type of financial aid is granted only to Tecnológico de Monterrey’s alumni who get a cost reduction in their tuition.

Institutional Partnerships

Students working for a company, institution or organization that has an ongoing partnership or agreement with Tecnológico de Monterrey will get a cost reduction on their tuitions depending on each partnership.

FIDERH Tuition Agreement

Students who have received the FIDERH loan granted by Banco de México will get a cost reduction on their tuitions due to the ongoing agreement with Tecnológico de Monterrey.


The FIDERH (Fondo para el Desarrollo de Recursos Humanos) is a federal trust fund, run by Banco de Mexico to finance Mexican students in postgraduate programs.

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Laudex is a financial institution in Mexico which specializes in granting academic loans that can finance educational expenses ranging from tuition, enrollment, and re-enrollment fees, to tuition debts or completion costs.

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Estudia Más

Provides a tailor-made loan to meet each student's needs.

Its main policy is to provide young people with all the financial options and instruments not to worry about money and focus on their personal and professional development. This loan finance 100% of bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, diplomas, specialities, and degree certification procedures.

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The IFARHU (Instituto para la Formación y Aprovechamiento de Recursos Humanos) grants scholarships and loans to Panamanian students and professionals to want to pursue a degree in higher education or a specialization degree in foreign universities.

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Colfuturo is a government organization with the mission of promoting, guiding, financing and participating in the postgraduate education of Colombian professionals studying abroad.

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HonduFuturo is a nonprofit organization in charge of promoting, guiding and financing Honduran professionals who have demonstrated academic excellence and wish to carry out their postgraduate studies in top foreign universities.

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Guatefuturo is a nonprofit organization committed to broadening Guatemalan talent by promoting, guiding and financing Guatemalan professionals who have demonstrated academic excellence and wish to carry out their postgraduate studies in top foreign universities.

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Beca Presidente de la República

This scholarship is granted by the National Program of Scholarships and Educational Loan to Peruvians who want to carry out their Master or Doctorate studies in top foreign institutions of higher education.

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OAS Graduate Studies Scholarship

The Organization of American States (OAS) Graduate Studies Scholarship is awarded to citizens or permanent residents of OAS Member States to pursue studies at foreign higher education institutions within OAS Member States.

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External Funding Points to Consider

  1. EGADE has no power or influence over external funding outcomes
  2. These external organizations are not related to EGADE
  3. Students must assume responsibility for these funding alternatives
  4. EGADE is not responsible in any way whatsoever for this funding alternatives

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