Three pieces of advice from the CEO of Heineken México to EGADE graduates

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3 consejos del CEO de Heineken México a graduados de EGADE

Dolf van den Brink, Presidentand CEO of Heineken México, was invited to speak at the EGADE Business School Monterrey June 2018 Graduation Ceremony, where he shared three pieces of advice with the graduating students.

The Dutch-born executive highlighted lessons he had learned from his father and as Commercial Director of Bralima, Heineken’s subsidiary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the position he held prior to being appointed President and CEO of Heineken USA, and taking on his current role in Mexico.

“I would like to share three pieces of advice with you, drawn from difficult lessons I have learned, and that can help you at this important moment in your lives,” he stated.

Advice #1: “Go to difficult places”

“(Accepting the position in the Congo) has been the most difficult decision of my life so far, but it also turned out to be one of the best. At a very young age, in my early thirties, I took on responsibilities and opportunities that I would never have had in more developed markets. It was a challenge like no other. Living and working in a totally different culture truly shifts all your paradigms and changes your mentality. I am here today because of what I learned in the Congo, a difficult place.

“You are about to make momentous decisions about your career and can have a similar experience when someone gives you the chance to go to a difficult place or take a position that, on the surface, might not seem particularly attractive. What are you going to do? Reject it and choose the easy path? Or are you going to seize the opportunity to face up to many challenges that might be somewhat painful, but that could also be unique learning experiences?

“My advice is not to look for the perfect job but to go for the role that will give you the greatest chance to learn. Have faith in life and the opportunities it gives you,” he said.

Advice #2: "If you want to receive, first give”

Van den Brink mentioned that this is the advice given to him by his mentor on arriving at the African subsidiary.

“When they invite you to be a group leader, many people focus on performance, strategy, vision. Or, even worse, some people think it’s about being in charge and giving orders. In reality, being a leader is, more than anything, about looking out for your people.  Helping and supporting them. And when you put your heart into this, they will give that and more back to you. I learned this in the Congo.

“During my first few months there, I focused on the business and how poorly it was performing. The company was losing participation and money, and had been doing so for some time. However hard I tried to change things, nothing improved. But when I saw the people’s needs, the obstacles they faced, that was when the business began to change.

“For example, when I arrived there was so little money that practically none of the salesforce had vehicles to visit customers. They spent their own money on transportation and it took them ages to get anywhere. Without knowing how I would do it, I made a promise to them, that I wouldn’t rest until each of them had a small car or at least a motorcycle. It took me more than a year and a half, but I kept my promise. The team’s response was fantastic. Of course, it wasn’t just about a car, but also trust. In the end, our operation became one of the fastest growing in the company worldwide.

“Each of you has received a world-class education, many of you will lead teams at some point in your lives, so take the advice given to me by my mentor: if you want to receive, first give. Take care of your people, safeguard their wellbeing, support them and help them to grow. That’s how you will achieve great results,” he commented.

Advice #3: “Make this world a little bit better”

Van den Brink related that some years ago, his father became ill and died within three months from a brain tumor. It was the saddest period of his life, but, at the same time, he forged a special relationship with this father and they talked about important things they had never discussed before.

“I asked him: ‘Dad, what was your purpose in life?’ I thought he would laugh at me because it wasn’t the kind of topic he talked about. However, he looked at me very seriously and said: ‘I came here to make this world a little bit better.’

“I often saw how he used his position of privilege to make a difference. And not only in big ways, but also in little gestures, in meaningful ways. More than a thousand people attended his funeral, mostly young students and colleagues whom he had helped in hard times, people from the charities in which he participated. Even though he was leaving this world, he taught me a very important lesson in the last moments we spent together.

“I know that the question about the purpose in life is huge and intimidating. Should you worry about it now that you are so young and just starting out in your careers? When I started working, I did focus on performing well and being successful, and I’m sure that’s what you have in mind, but if you don’t take care of yourselves, you will be stuck in this stage of your lives forever.

“This is what my father taught me. He forced me to ask myself what is the greater good than the one I am serving, until I am serving beyond myself. We are all born with unlimited potential. But serving only yourself, accomplishing only success, won’t let you reach your full potential of the person you could be.

“Put into practice everything you have learned here at EGADE. This is an incredible place that has given you so much. Go out into the world, go to those difficult places that will teach you so much. Remember that if you want to receive, you must first give. And don’t forget that in the middle of all this success, you must try to find a way to make this world a little bit better,” concluded Van den Brink.


Second Edition of EGADE Action Week is Coming: Transforming Business for Sustainable Impact

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Activities range from conferences and workshops to lectures and book presentations, all designed to promote the adoption of responsible and sustainable business practices.


EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey is gearing up for the second edition of EGADE Action Week, which will be held from May 13 to 17, aiming to inspire and raise awareness among business leaders and the community about the importance of transforming business for sustainable impact.

In 2024, the initiative will expand with various activities, including virtual formats, in Monterrey, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Querétaro.

The agenda for EGADE Action Week is divided into four sections: Action Breaks, exclusive to EGADE Business School students; Action Spaces, open to the community; Action Voices, targeted at EGADE alumni; and Action Day, exclusively for EGADE Business School students, professors, and collaborators.


All activities are designed to enrich participants with innovative ideas and practical, effective strategies to impact the business world positively. Highlights include:

On May 13, in Mexico City, the book "Do More With Less: The 6 Principles of Frugal Innovation" will be presented by EGADE Business School professors Felipe Symmes and Cristian Granados, who co-authored the work.

On May 14, in Monterrey, the keynote conference "Philanthropy in the 21st Century: Global and Latin American Perspectives" will be delivered by Melissa Berman, Founding President and former CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, followed by the panel "New Trends in Strategic Philanthropy for Social Impact in Latin America" featuring Lorena Guillé-Laris, Executive Director of Fundación FEMSA; Magdalena Aninat, Director of the Business and Society Center at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez Business School (UAI); Rodrigo Villar, Associate Researcher at CIESC and CEFIS at UAI, and moderated by Luciana Manfredi, Research Professor at EGADE Business School.

On May 15, in Monterrey, the VIVA Idea Schmidheiny Sustainable Futures Chair will be presented, led by Urs Jäger, CEO of VIVA Idea, Felipe Symmes, research professor and chair leader at EGADE Business School, and a panel of experts.

On May 16, in Monterrey, the book "Abundance Capitalism" will be presented by its author, Boyd Cohen, a professor at EGADE Business School.

On May 17, in Monterrey, the EGADE Volunteer Day will take place, where EGADE Business School students, professors, and staff will be able to empower CBTIS students by providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to become change agents in their communities.

Additionally, from May 13 to 17, during EGADE Business School's class breaks in Monterrey, Santa Fe, Guadalajara, and Querétaro, the Action Breaks will be held with workshops designed to encourage students to reflect on sustainable development in collaboration with experts from Dilo en señas, Maoli, Industria Circular MX, Archer Integrated Risk Management, and Rincón Verde.

Visit for more details on the complete agenda for EGADE Action Week 2024 and to register for the different activities.

The first edition of EGADE Action Week, held in April 2023, proved its relevance by winning the Best CSR and Sustainability Initiative award at the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards 2024, highlighting EGADE Business School's commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible business practices globally.


EGADE Reaffirms Its Global Leadership With Reaccreditation From AMBA

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This recognition demonstrates EGADE's ongoing commitment to the highest educational standards in its EGADE MBA and Master in Business Management programs.


EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey has been reaccredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), one of the leading authorities in postgraduate business education, for a new five-year period.

With this, EGADE Business School reaffirms its position in the elite of business schools, maintaining its "Triple Crown" of international accreditations awarded by AMBA, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), and the EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS).

These three accreditations are the most important in their field globally, and only 1% of the world's most prestigious business schools have achieved their recognition.

Horacio Arredondo, Dean of EGADE Business School, noted that AMBA's reaccreditation recognizes the high level of the EGADE MBA and the Master in Business Management programs and evidences the quality and potential of the community of students, alumni, academics, and administrative staff.

According to AMBA's rigorous evaluation criteria, only programs that demonstrate the highest standards of teaching, curriculum design, career development, and employability, among others, are accredited.

"The AMBA evaluation panel has recognized several outstanding aspects of our School, including the advances and growth in our Strategic Plan EGADE 2030, the renewal of our purpose and vision to remain as a leading School in Latin America, and the commitment and enthusiasm of our academic community," added the Dean.

The reaccreditation of EGADE Business School for a new five-year period, the maximum possible term of accreditation, underscores its position as an avant-garde institution in the business education field in Mexico and Latin America.


José Ernesto Amorós Espinosa Honored as 2024 AACSB Influential Leader

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The Associate Dean of Faculty at EGADE Business School, José Ernesto Amorós Espinosa, is one of 22 business school faculty honored by AACSB International (AACSB)—the world's largest business education alliance—as the 2024 Class of Influential Leaders.

The annual initiative recognizes notable alums and faculty from AACSB-accredited business schools whose work inspires positive change in the business world and society.

This year's class features faculty who are making an impact through their research, and Amorós Espinosa received the distinction from AACSB for its work impacting Entrepreneurship.

In addition to his role as EGADE's Associate Dean of Faculty, Amorós is the leader of Tec's Entrepreneurship and Innovation with Impact research group.

As an entrepreneurship and new business development expert, he has written over 50 papers, published in major international journals, and co-authored over 30 monographs on entrepreneurial dynamics.

Through his work with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) project, Amorós has participated in evaluating pro-entrepreneurship public policies in different countries. He has also helped the Ibero-American scholar community enhance the relevance of applied management research.

"This recognition granted to Amorós is a testament to his commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship and the development of new businesses. His research has contributed significantly to the understanding and practice of entrepreneurship, as well as to the development of entrepreneurship education, not only in Mexico but also in Latin America and the world," said Horacio Arredondo, dean of EGADE Business School.

Lily Bi, president and CEO of AACSB, highlighted: "Amorós' work shows the potential of research in business schools to address today's critical challenges, generating knowledge that promotes real change in the world."

Now in its ninth year, AACSB's Influential Leaders member spotlight program highlights the value that business schools bring to business and society—whether through the alums who have used their business education to improve the industries and communities they serve or the faculty leading positive impact through their research.

All faculty from this year's class are from one of AACSB's more than 1,000 accredited business schools worldwide. They exemplify the vital role of business school faculty in developing new knowledge that provides timely and relevant solutions for business and societal challenges.


Amorós is committed to creating a positive impact by promoting entrepreneurship and innovation for local development.

In addition to his research, he has been cooperating as an advisor for the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM) to develop relevant policy-oriented initiatives that help improve entrepreneurship ecosystems and monitor best practices in new business dynamics.

His work with the GEM project has also influenced the design of public policies for entrepreneurship. GEM is a diagnostic tool for public policymakers to promote a favorable environment for new businesses, allowing them to provide solutions to the most challenging social problems.

Amoros has participated in the evaluation of pro-entrepreneurship public policies in several countries and offered project recommendations to improve their business environment. This work aims to help small and medium enterprises significantly impact their communities' development.

For example, Amorós co-authored a report titled "Challenges and Opportunities for the Incorporation of Companies in Mexico: An Analysis of Commercial Companies," which was prepared by Tecnológico de Monterrey with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and in collaboration with ASEM.

Specifically, the study focused on simplified stock companies and offered recommendations for simplification in incorporating other commercial companies.

Amorós also participated with other researchers in the "Opportunity Amid Disruption" study by GEM. In it, he emphasizes the critical need to transform business according to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to protect the planet and ensure the well-being of present and future generations.

Among other recognitions, Amorós has been awarded the 2023 Rómulo Garza Research and Innovation Award in the Scientific Articles category.

More information about Amorós' research impact and publication can be found here.

The complete list of AACSB's 22 Influential Leaders 2024 can be found here.




EGADE - W. P. Carey Executive MBA Students Experience International Practicum in Singapore

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They attend workshops at SMU, visit the Mexico Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, and explore business strategies at companies like F&N Foods and the ARTC.


Students of the EGADE - W. P. Carey Executive MBA participated from March 10 to 16 in an International Practicum in Singapore, enhancing their understanding of business integration between Latin America and Asia.

This immersive experience, supported by the Embassy of Mexico in Singapore, facilitated encounters with more than 40 companies and key entities such as Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Cooperation Enterprise, highlighted Juan Enciso, the program director.

“This exchange not only strengthened our ties with the Asian market but also allowed us to understand firsthand the innovations and trends shaping the future of business," added the academic leader.

The activities included workshops at Singapore Management University (SMU), visits to the Singapore-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, and business meetings with sector leaders like F&N Foods and the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), which allowed them to immerse themselves in Singapore's dynamic business ecosystem.


Revisit the Webinar: Inclusion and Leadership

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The participation of women in leadership positions in Latin America is still low, though it is increasing, experts warn.


Inclusive leadership, gender biases, and extended maternity and paternity leaves, among other topics, were discussed in the “Inclusion and Leadership” webinar on March 20th, which was part of the EGADE Future Forum series.

The session featured Lourdes Ocampo, academic leader of the executive program Women Leading Organizations at EGADE Business School, and Eduardo Bolio, Senior Partner at the McKinsey Madrid Office.

The expert emphasized the importance of addressing leadership without gender distinction.

He pointed out that "Leadership is the ability of a person to mobilize constructively a team of resources, people, or materials to achieve a very specific goal."

Bolio also broke down the prevailing leadership styles in the business context, noting a tendency among women towards more collaborative and empathetic approaches, in contrast with the more direct and populist tactics observed in men.

For her part, Ocampo highlighted the tangible effects of diversity in executive leadership.

“Organizations' revenue increases when there is a higher percentage of women in these high-level positions,” Ocampo stated.

Despite the tangible improvements that inclusion can bring to company results, Bolio stressed that the participation of women in leadership positions in Latin America is still scarce, though it is on the rise.



AACSB Webinar: Horacio Arredondo Highlights Role of Business Schools in Sustainable Development of Latin America

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In a region like Latin America, social impact initiatives of higher education institutions play a fundamental role, says Dean of EGADE Business School.


Within the framework of the AACSB International Latin America Webinar Series, Horacio Arredondo, Dean of EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey, delivered the talk "Being and Appearing: Ideas and Practices for Generating Social Impact."

The webinar focused on the crucial role that higher education institutions, particularly business schools, play in promoting sustainable development in Latin America and exploring innovative social impact initiatives.

Presented by María Baltar, Regional Head Americas of AACSB, Arredondo offered a comprehensive vision of how practices and strategies implemented by EGADE Business School align with its purpose: “Rethinking the future of business to impact the sustainable development of Latin America.”

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of understanding Latin America's specific context to design initiatives that truly address regional needs.

"We face an unprecedented opportunity to transform our institutions, making them more relevant and enhancing their contribution to the future of our countries," emphasized the Dean.

Arrendondo firmly believes in business schools' transformative role, "Beyond teaching and research, they must assume their responsibility as educational institutions to foster social impact."

He noted that this approach is evidenced in EGADE Business School's active participation as a signatory and Champion of PRME. This Global Compact initiative promotes responsible business education in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development context.

Another example he added, highlighting the commitment and leadership of EGADE Business School to drive business transformation towards sustainable impact, is the EGADE Action Week. This innovative forum earned the Best CSR and Sustainability Initiative award at the AMBA & BGA Excellence Awards 2024.

He also highlighted initiatives such as the delivery of a study for a proposed law to the Energy Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, the launch of the VIVA Idea Schmidheiny Chair in Sustainable Futures at EGADE Business School, and the signing of an agreement with the Secretariat of Equality and Inclusion of the Government of Nuevo León.

Additionally, the Dean underscored the need for constant monitoring and adjustment in social impact processes to ensure their effectiveness and relevance. Arredondo concluded his intervention by pointing out businesses' ability to generate trust and foster positive changes in society, considering them fundamental pillars of growth and sustainable development.

This webinar not only provided valuable insights on the contribution of higher education to sustainable development but also reaffirmed the commitment of EGADE Business School to creating significant and lasting social impact. AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) represents a global nonprofit organization that brings together educational institutions, businesses, and other entities committed to advancing business education.

EGADE Business School proudly holds AACSB International accreditation, a recognition that evidences the School's commitment to educational excellence and continuous improvement and positions it within the elite of global business schools, being part of the select "triple crown" of accreditations.

This distinction is granted only to those business schools accredited by the three most prestigious international organizations in the sector: AACSB, AMBA (Association of MBAs), and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System).


EGADE Highlights Nearshoring, Reshoring During Global Network Week

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The week features sessions with experts, a corporate visit to Metalsa, and cultural tours in Monterrey, expanding students' global perspectives on innovative business strategies.


EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey hosted the course "Navigating the Business Environment: The Regional Challenges of Integrating Reshoring & Nearshoring in North America" as part of the Global Network Week in its March 2024 edition.

Held in Monterrey, the program brought together 34 students from 13 nationalities, representing seven business schools part of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM):

  • EGADE Business School (Mexico)
  • ESMT Berlin (Germany)
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School (Hong Kong SAR, China)
  • INCAE Business School (Costa Rica)
  • Koç University Graduate School of Business (Turkey)
  • Renmin University of China (China)
  • UBC Sauder School of Business (Canada)

Global Network Week has started at #EGADE MTY!

34 students from around the 🌎 will learn about the regional challenges of integrating Reshoring & #Nearshoring in North America. @AdvancedMgmt #GNW2024
🇩🇪 🇭🇰 🇨🇷 🇹🇷 🇨🇳🇨🇦🇲🇽

The course aimed to provide a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the North American region, exploring structures, production and service chains, and strategies to incorporate the benefits of nearshoring and reshoring.

Throughout the week of March 11-15, participants delved into a series of academic sessions led by professors Daniel Maranto, Eduardo Saucedo, Jorge A. Martinez, Mario Saldaña, Raúl Montalvo, and Félix Cárdenas, as well as Jerónimo E. García De Brahi, CEO of Grupo FOREM, who shared their insights on Mexico's macroeconomic conditions, innovation, financial markets, and entrepreneurship within the context of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Additionally, the program included a corporate visit to Metalsa, where students firsthand experienced how a leading company implements nearshoring practices.

The activities were enriched with cultural tours in Downtown Monterrey, highlighting the Mexican History Museum, the Santa Lucía Riverwalk, and the Fundidora Park, offering students a unique view of the region's culture and heritage.

The program concluded with team final presentations and a closing ceremony, where students enjoyed a music and dance performance from Northeastern Mexico by the folkloric company Raíces.

Simultaneously, during the Global Network Week of March 2024, 80 students from EGADE Business School participated in various courses taught by different member business schools of GNAM, including the one offered in Monterrey, around the world in 14 countries.