Three pieces of advice from the CEO of Heineken México to EGADE graduates

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3 consejos del CEO de Heineken México a graduados de EGADE

Dolf van den Brink, Presidentand CEO of Heineken México, was invited to speak at the EGADE Business School Monterrey June 2018 Graduation Ceremony, where he shared three pieces of advice with the graduating students.

The Dutch-born executive highlighted lessons he had learned from his father and as Commercial Director of Bralima, Heineken’s subsidiary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the position he held prior to being appointed President and CEO of Heineken USA, and taking on his current role in Mexico.

“I would like to share three pieces of advice with you, drawn from difficult lessons I have learned, and that can help you at this important moment in your lives,” he stated.

Advice #1: “Go to difficult places”

“(Accepting the position in the Congo) has been the most difficult decision of my life so far, but it also turned out to be one of the best. At a very young age, in my early thirties, I took on responsibilities and opportunities that I would never have had in more developed markets. It was a challenge like no other. Living and working in a totally different culture truly shifts all your paradigms and changes your mentality. I am here today because of what I learned in the Congo, a difficult place.

“You are about to make momentous decisions about your career and can have a similar experience when someone gives you the chance to go to a difficult place or take a position that, on the surface, might not seem particularly attractive. What are you going to do? Reject it and choose the easy path? Or are you going to seize the opportunity to face up to many challenges that might be somewhat painful, but that could also be unique learning experiences?

“My advice is not to look for the perfect job but to go for the role that will give you the greatest chance to learn. Have faith in life and the opportunities it gives you,” he said.

Advice #2: "If you want to receive, first give”

Van den Brink mentioned that this is the advice given to him by his mentor on arriving at the African subsidiary.

“When they invite you to be a group leader, many people focus on performance, strategy, vision. Or, even worse, some people think it’s about being in charge and giving orders. In reality, being a leader is, more than anything, about looking out for your people.  Helping and supporting them. And when you put your heart into this, they will give that and more back to you. I learned this in the Congo.

“During my first few months there, I focused on the business and how poorly it was performing. The company was losing participation and money, and had been doing so for some time. However hard I tried to change things, nothing improved. But when I saw the people’s needs, the obstacles they faced, that was when the business began to change.

“For example, when I arrived there was so little money that practically none of the salesforce had vehicles to visit customers. They spent their own money on transportation and it took them ages to get anywhere. Without knowing how I would do it, I made a promise to them, that I wouldn’t rest until each of them had a small car or at least a motorcycle. It took me more than a year and a half, but I kept my promise. The team’s response was fantastic. Of course, it wasn’t just about a car, but also trust. In the end, our operation became one of the fastest growing in the company worldwide.

“Each of you has received a world-class education, many of you will lead teams at some point in your lives, so take the advice given to me by my mentor: if you want to receive, first give. Take care of your people, safeguard their wellbeing, support them and help them to grow. That’s how you will achieve great results,” he commented.

Advice #3: “Make this world a little bit better”

Van den Brink related that some years ago, his father became ill and died within three months from a brain tumor. It was the saddest period of his life, but, at the same time, he forged a special relationship with this father and they talked about important things they had never discussed before.

“I asked him: ‘Dad, what was your purpose in life?’ I thought he would laugh at me because it wasn’t the kind of topic he talked about. However, he looked at me very seriously and said: ‘I came here to make this world a little bit better.’

“I often saw how he used his position of privilege to make a difference. And not only in big ways, but also in little gestures, in meaningful ways. More than a thousand people attended his funeral, mostly young students and colleagues whom he had helped in hard times, people from the charities in which he participated. Even though he was leaving this world, he taught me a very important lesson in the last moments we spent together.

“I know that the question about the purpose in life is huge and intimidating. Should you worry about it now that you are so young and just starting out in your careers? When I started working, I did focus on performing well and being successful, and I’m sure that’s what you have in mind, but if you don’t take care of yourselves, you will be stuck in this stage of your lives forever.

“This is what my father taught me. He forced me to ask myself what is the greater good than the one I am serving, until I am serving beyond myself. We are all born with unlimited potential. But serving only yourself, accomplishing only success, won’t let you reach your full potential of the person you could be.

“Put into practice everything you have learned here at EGADE. This is an incredible place that has given you so much. Go out into the world, go to those difficult places that will teach you so much. Remember that if you want to receive, you must first give. And don’t forget that in the middle of all this success, you must try to find a way to make this world a little bit better,” concluded Van den Brink.


EXATEC EGADE's venture stands out among Forbes Mexico's 30 Most Promising Businesses

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Yoku Sashida ECGlove Soluciones Kenko 30 Promesas Forbes

By José Ángel de la Paz

As a result of creating innovative gadgets to improve and save lives, an EGADE MBA graduate's venture stood out in “Las 30 Promesas de los Negocios 2020” (30 Most Promising Businesses of 2020), published by Forbes Mexico in its February edition.

This list acknowledges the efforts of a new generation of entrepreneurs who represent the future of business by building innovative, technological, profitable and sustainable companies, even in the face of uncertainty in our current environment.

Yoku Sashida Mendez, who studied his postgraduate degree at EGADE Business School in Guadalajara, is mentioned in this list as Co-Founder and CEO of Soluciones Kenko.

“Gaining this acknowledgement by Forbes Mexico furthers our commitment to continue working towards our vision of being recognized as a truly disruptive company in the health sector,” said the EXATEC EGADE graduate.

His company has developed, among other products, a glove called ECGlove which is placed on the upper chest and measures the heart's condition, providing readings comparable to those that could be obtained with an electrocardiogram but delivering results in an instant.

According to Sashida Mendez, the device increases the probability of a proper assessment from 2% to 45% in a routine checkup.


In 2017, Sashida Mendez founded Soluciones Kenko along with Daniel Aragon Han, who works as CTO of the company. Prior to that, they both studied Biomedical Engineering at the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

"We first started our company the very same year I started my MBA. At the beginning it was a challenge to balance my studies with entrepreneurship, but in the end it helped me get through various areas of the business.”

"For example, when we started the recruitment process, I was able to implement what I had learned in the Senior Management Skills course. Then, when it came to sales, I did the same thing and applied what I learned in the Marketing Strategies course," he said.

To encourage young entrepreneurs who want to launch their own projects, Sashida Mendez recalled a phrase by Alexander the Great: "Nothing is impossible for those who try".

However, he noted that it is not enough for them to have a good idea; they need proper business training or knowledge to be successful.

This year’s selection of the “30 Most Promising Businesses" was based on an open call published in October 2019 which remained open until the first of December of the same year.

Along with the editorial team at Forbes Mexico, mentors Camila Navarro and Alejandro Diez, founders of ASEM, Raimundo Burguera, co-founder and CEO of Rubik Ventures, and Elias Shuchleib, founder of the DEV.F School of Programming and Hacking, were responsible for choosing the 30 companies on the list.

With information from Forbes México.


José Ernesto Amorós named editor at IAM’s Management Research journal

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José Ernesto Amorós

By José Ángel de la Paz

José Ernesto Amorós, national director of Doctoral Programs at EGADE Business School, was made the new editor of Management Research, the official journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management (IAM), an affiliate institution of the Academy of Management. 

Leading the editorial team since this past January, Dr. Amorós said that he will do his best to ensure the best papers, whose contribution is relevant to the advancement of management within the Ibero-American context, get published.

“Together with Emerald Publishing, we are working on a strategy called 'Real Impact: Making a Difference through Research and Practice', which will contribute to the journal's role as a platform for the dissemination of the finest research to benefit our main audience,” he added.

Today, Dr. Amorós also holds the position of Vice President at IAM's Executive Committee. As part of his efforts to promote scientific research, he has written more than 40 papers that have been published in major international journals.

Management Research is a journal designed primarily for research professors and students from business schools in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, as well as for the Latin American academic communities that reside in North America.

The journal focuses on the dissemination of multidisciplinary research papers in the fields of Human Resources, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Management Theory, Corporate Governance, Business Economics and Intercultural Management.

Authors may submit their research papers in English, Spanish or Portuguese for review purposes, however, they are published in English only.

For more information on Management Research, click here.


Learn to build and manage diverse, inclusive teams

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Diversidad e inclusión

By José Ángel de la Paz

"Diversity, these days, it's a very popular word. Everyone says that it's very important for organizations to be diverse," says Mike Szymanski, Research Professor of International Business at EGADE Business School.

"And it's true," he assert. "Because bringing diversity into the workforce will improve your team performance. It offers you new insights, new experiences, to find new solutions to old problems."

High-performance teams that maintain a diverse and inclusive working culture are proven to exceed their financial targets, outperforming less inclusive teams by as much as 50 percent, according to a Gartner publication.

Szymanski affirms that the "key is to manage diversity effectively". And inclusion is the key to leveraging diversity.

"Diversity it's a fact in today's world. And if you want to make people feel comfortable working with you, you need to learn how to be inclusive," he assures.

To help Leaders, Managers and HR professionals interested in achieving true diversity and inclusion in their business, EGADE Business School delivers, in partnership with digital education provider GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc., the new Inclusive Leadership online short course, an eight-week program taught in English.

"This course teaches leaders to effectively manage diverse and inclusive teams and discover how diversity can be leveraged as a competitive advantage in driving organizational performance," says Jaime García Narro, Associate Dean of Executive Education at EGADE Business School.


EGADE Business School faculty and industry experts, who share their experience and in-depth diversity and inclusion knowledge with participants throughout the program, guide the Inclusive Leadership online short course.

Course participants will walk away with:

  • An awareness of how culture influences organizational performance, insight into effective leadership traits and styles across cultures, and the ability to adapt your leadership approach accordingly.
  • An understanding of the difference between diversity and inclusion, its impact in the workplace, and an action plan to foster inclusivity in a team.
  • Frameworks to promote inclusivity, and knowledge of how it can be used as a competitive advantage.

"Students can also look forward to additional content, interactive and enrichment activities, small group discussions and a portfolio of evidence-based on an ongoing project with real-world application in managing and building an inclusive team and culture," added García Narro, who along with Szymanski is academic director of the Inclusive Leadership online short course.

After completion, course participants will achieve an official certificate from EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey as validation of their experience.

For more information about registration dates, curriculum and more, clic here.


Dean Ignacio de la Vega Named International Educator of the Year, 2020 by Academy of International Business

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Ignacio de la Vega

By José Ángel de la Paz

The Academy of International Business (AIB) has distinguished Ignacio de la Vega, Dean of EGADE Business School and Undergraduate Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey, as its International Educator of the Year 2020. This prestigious award recognizes academic leaders globally who have advanced the impact of international business programs through personal initiative, and a clear focus on innovation, faculty and student support.

According to the AIB, Dean de la Vega and his team have implemented a bold internationalization strategy to increase the global reach, recognition, and development of Tecnológico de Monterrey’s EGADE Business School and undergraduate business program. This includes the launch of the first Tec undergraduate program taught entirely in English ( B.A. in Global Business), and two new and innovative, English language graduate programs at EGADE, the Full-Time MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, which has quickly risen to number 1 in Mexico and Latin America according to QS Global MBA & Business Masters Rankings 2020, and the Master in Business Management, winner of the International Innovation Award EQUAA Awards 2019. Additionally, EGADE has built a solid digital portfolio with global learning platform partners, becoming the first institution in Latin America to offer a premium online MBA, also offering two Micromasters (Leadership & Negotiation / Entrepreneurship & Innovation), as well as short online courses in Inclusive Leadership and other areas.

Since the appointment of the Spanish business education leader at Tecnológico de Monterrey in 2017, over 200 new research and teaching professors in business and management disciplines have been recruited, most with international profiles. Dean de la Vega has overseen the expansion of options for international dual-degrees, global study and exchange programs for students with leading academic partner institutions across  five continents.

“Ignacio de la Vega exemplifies the kind of leader we would like to have in our schools,” said Robert Grosse, chair of the Educator of the Year Award Selection Committee.  “At Tecnologico de Monterrey, he has actively advanced international business in the curriculum, provides opportunities for students and faculty to get international experience, and himself personifies the international leader with his wide professional experience in Spain, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.”

Dean de la Vega’s career as an educator spans over three decades, extending across the public, private and civic sectors. Prior to joining Tecnológico de Monterrey, he served as Chief Learning Officer for the global bank BBVA, responsible for the transformation of the group´s corporate training model.

At IE Business School, he was a director, professor and researcher, and served as Chair of the IE International Center for Entrepreneurship and Ventures Development, which he founded in 1998.

He was president of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), an international observatory that studies entrepreneurship trends in the world, and which brings together more than 450 researchers and collaborators in 90 countries.

Commenting on the decision of the AIB, De la Vega stated “ I am truly honored by this recognition of the Academy of Management, which represents a highly respected, diverse and multicultural academic community; recognition by one´s peers is especially gratifying. For me, this is a recognition of teamwork, teams I have worked with over a thirty-year career in education, and above all, the incredibly gifted and innovative team at Tecnológico de Monterrey, who are committed to transforming business and society through education that is global in vision and impact”. 

De la Vega will receive the International Educator of the Year Award in a special ceremony during the Academy of Management Congress, which will take place from 2-6 July, 2020 in Miami, Florida.



EGADE Master in Business Management opens in Mexico City

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EGADE Master in Business Management

By José Ángel de la Paz

The Master in Business Management (MBM) of EGADE Business School will be taught in September 2020 in Mexico City. With this opening, the master's degree will be present in the three sites of the school, after its launch in Monterrey in 2018 and in Guadalajara in 2019.

During this time, in addition to expanding, the program has been distinguished as the best educational innovation project in Mexico with the 2019 EQUAA International Innovation Award.

"Due to the growing interest in this innovative program, we decided to open a third site in Mexico to give national and international students the opportunity to live the MBM experience in the capital of our country," said Eduardo Aguiñaga, national director of the program.

The MBM, he explained, is a postgraduate course aimed at newly graduated professionals from their undergraduate studies, which is offered in a full-time, one-year format, completely in English, designed in experiential learning modules, based on projects and challenges.

“The modules are developed from a hybrid learning approach including a Micromaster with face-to-face sessions, Bootcamps or specialized training, online learning, workshops, and multiple teaching strategies such as inverted classroom, gamification, case simulation, challenges, and projects applied, ”he said.

The program, Aguiñaga said, prepares its students to excel in a competitive setting, expand their business vision, develop key digital and leadership skills, and boost their career through active learning methodologies and corporate dives with practical experience in real projects. within leading companies of various industries.

"Without a doubt, the MBM will provide a valuable alternative for recent graduates from the center of the country," he concluded.

Learn more about the Master in Business Management here.


EGADE starts 2020 as the top business school in LATAM, according to QS and Eduniversal rankings

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By José Ángel de la Paz

EGADE Business School starts this 2020 as the best business school in Latin America in the prestigious international rankings of Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) and Eduniversal.


For the third consecutive year, EGADE Business School leads in Latin America the QS Global MBA and Business Masters Rankings 2020 with the Full-Time MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Master in Finance with the following results:

  • QS Global MBA Rankings 2020 - EGADE Full-Time MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship:
    # 1 in Mexico and Latin America for 3rd consecutive year
    # 55 globally among 240 ranked MBA programs
    + 23 places advance vs 2019 globally
    # 26 globally for Entrepreneurship and  Alumni Outcomes
    # 39 globally for Graduate Employability
  • QS Business Masters Rankings 2020: Masters in Finance - EGADE Master in Finance:
    # 1 in Mexico and Latin America for the 3rd consecutive year
    # 15 globally for  Graduate Employability
    # 41 globally among 156 ranked Master in Finance programs.

Additionally, EGADE Business School leads the specialized programs in Entrepreneurship and Operations Management in Mexico and Latin America, within the QS MBA Specialization Rankings 2019.


EGADE Business School remains, for the twelfth consecutive year, as the number one business school in Mexico and Latin America in the Eduniversal Business Schools Ranking 2019.

Thus, the School continues as the only school in Mexico and one of the four in Latin America included in the 100 awarded with the highest level of “5 Palms of Excellence” and recognized as “Universal Business Schools with strong global influence” . Within this select group, EGADE Business School is positioned within the 50 best business schools worldwide.

Also, EGADE Business School retains its leadership as the business school with the best postgraduate degrees in Mexico and Latin America, according to the results of the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2019.

In the regional ranking, EGADE Business School programs occupy the first places in the following categories:

  • EGADE MBA: number 1 in Mexico and Latin America in the “General Management” category.
  • Master in Finance: number 1 in Mexico and Latin America in the “Corporate Finance” category, and 27th in the global “Financial Markets” category.
  • Specialization in Energy Management: number 1 in both Mexico and Latin America in the “Energy and Natural Resources” category, for the second successive year.
  • Executive MBA: number 1 in Mexico and number 2 in Latin America in the “Executive MBA” category.
  • MBA in Global Business & Strategy: number 1 in Mexico and number 2 in Latin America in the “Full-time MBA” category.

In addition to the recognition of the international rankings, EGADE Business School is the only multi-siteschool in Latin America that has the “triple crown” of international accreditations, recognized by the industry for the quality standards that certify: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. Only 1 % of business schools in the world have the "triple crown".


EGADE U Week Speaker Jacqueline Carter: "Leadership starts in your mind"

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By José Ángel de la Paz

"Leadership starts in your mind," says Jacqueline Carter, International Partner and Director for North America of Potential Project, who over the past 10 years has focused on embedding mindfulness practices into daily corporate life.

This mind training, leadership and corporate culture expert will participate as keynote speaker at EGADE U Week 2020, an intensive 2-day active learning experience exclusively for EGADE Business School alumni, this year centered on “Empowering the Leader's Mind”.

In the second edition of this lifelong learning program, Carter will provide the tools to help leaders focus on the core mind qualities they need to unlock their potential and of their organizations.

The co-author of The Mind of the Leader holds a Master of Science in Organizational Behaviour. Carter has over 20 years of experience supporting organizations through large scale change, and has held a wide range of leadership and consulting roles across a range of industries including Transportation, Oil and Gas, Insurance and Government.

With Potential Project, a global leader in mindfulness-based organizational and leadership development programs, Carter has helped companies such as Accenture, Cisco, LEGO, Microsoft and Unilever improve performance, innovation and resilience through the understanding and training of Managers and Executives minds.

In interview, Carter explains the important role that the mind plays in leading more effectively.

Why start with your mind to improve your leadership?

We conducted a 2-year research study, to find the strategies for great leadership in the 21st century. We interviewed 250 C-suite executives from Microsoft, Google, McKinsey, LEGO and more, assessed 35,000 leaders and trawled through thousands of studies on leadership. One of our key findings was that leadership starts with yourself. More specifically, it starts in your mind.”

“By understanding how your mind works, you can lead yourself effectively. By understanding and leading yourself effectively, you can understand others and be able to lead them more effectively. And by understanding and leading others more effectively, you can understand and lead your organization more effectively—and by ‘more effectively’, we mean in a way that’s going to tap into your own and your people’s intrinsic motivations and sense of purpose.”

“If you’re able to do that—and we have witnessed that with practice and persistence, anyone can—you’ll have a more engaged and productive workforce. And perhaps more importantly, you’ll be part of creating more happiness, stronger human connectedness, and better social cohesion within and beyond your organization.”

What are the core “mind” qualities you mention that leaders need to train, and why?

Our research found that three key mental qualities stand out in great leaders: mindfulness, selflessness and compassion.”

“Mindfulness provides leaders with a stellar focus on the task at hand enabling high productivity. But equally, it provides an ability to be truly present with people, clients and stakeholders. Presence in leadership creates better connectedness and loyalty and enables the qualities of selflessness and compassion.”

“Selflessness is the opposite of ego-centeredness. A selfless leader is more concerned with the interest and needs of his or her people, organization and society at large, than of his or her own needs and desires. Selflessness increases engagement and creativity.”

“A compassionate leader has the wellbeing and happiness of his or her people in mind and always looks for way of improving it. People with compassionate leaders know that they have their back and as a result, trust and cohesion thrives.”

“In addition to our own research, a growing body of scientific evidence corroborates that these three qualities make for leadership that enables better organizational performance, health, social cohesion, and trust.”

Do you have any examples of what these qualities look like in action?

A mindful leader is present with people. They refrain from multitasking and do not check their phone when speaking with you. They are able to cut through the clutter of daily challenges and have mental space for creative thinking.”

“A selfless leader is one who praises the team for successes and takes responsibility for setbacks. They speak in terms of ‘we’, ‘you’ and ‘us’ as opposed to ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘mine’. They notice the contributions of people in their organizations and take time to express gratitude.”

“A compassionate leader is one who seeks to be of benefit to others. They ask questions like ‘what can I do to help you today?’ They also do not hold back from giving tough feedback towards helping someone else realize more of their potential. They are also willing to make tough but wise decisions about people and are sure to execute with extreme care and kindness.”

EGADE U Week 2020 will be held on March 27 and 28 at EGADE Business School site in Mexico City. More information here.