Three pieces of advice from the CEO of Heineken México to EGADE graduates

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3 consejos del CEO de Heineken México a graduados de EGADE

Dolf van den Brink, Presidentand CEO of Heineken México, was invited to speak at the EGADE Business School Monterrey June 2018 Graduation Ceremony, where he shared three pieces of advice with the graduating students.

The Dutch-born executive highlighted lessons he had learned from his father and as Commercial Director of Bralima, Heineken’s subsidiary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the position he held prior to being appointed President and CEO of Heineken USA, and taking on his current role in Mexico.

“I would like to share three pieces of advice with you, drawn from difficult lessons I have learned, and that can help you at this important moment in your lives,” he stated.

Advice #1: “Go to difficult places”

“(Accepting the position in the Congo) has been the most difficult decision of my life so far, but it also turned out to be one of the best. At a very young age, in my early thirties, I took on responsibilities and opportunities that I would never have had in more developed markets. It was a challenge like no other. Living and working in a totally different culture truly shifts all your paradigms and changes your mentality. I am here today because of what I learned in the Congo, a difficult place.

“You are about to make momentous decisions about your career and can have a similar experience when someone gives you the chance to go to a difficult place or take a position that, on the surface, might not seem particularly attractive. What are you going to do? Reject it and choose the easy path? Or are you going to seize the opportunity to face up to many challenges that might be somewhat painful, but that could also be unique learning experiences?

“My advice is not to look for the perfect job but to go for the role that will give you the greatest chance to learn. Have faith in life and the opportunities it gives you,” he said.

Advice #2: "If you want to receive, first give”

Van den Brink mentioned that this is the advice given to him by his mentor on arriving at the African subsidiary.

“When they invite you to be a group leader, many people focus on performance, strategy, vision. Or, even worse, some people think it’s about being in charge and giving orders. In reality, being a leader is, more than anything, about looking out for your people.  Helping and supporting them. And when you put your heart into this, they will give that and more back to you. I learned this in the Congo.

“During my first few months there, I focused on the business and how poorly it was performing. The company was losing participation and money, and had been doing so for some time. However hard I tried to change things, nothing improved. But when I saw the people’s needs, the obstacles they faced, that was when the business began to change.

“For example, when I arrived there was so little money that practically none of the salesforce had vehicles to visit customers. They spent their own money on transportation and it took them ages to get anywhere. Without knowing how I would do it, I made a promise to them, that I wouldn’t rest until each of them had a small car or at least a motorcycle. It took me more than a year and a half, but I kept my promise. The team’s response was fantastic. Of course, it wasn’t just about a car, but also trust. In the end, our operation became one of the fastest growing in the company worldwide.

“Each of you has received a world-class education, many of you will lead teams at some point in your lives, so take the advice given to me by my mentor: if you want to receive, first give. Take care of your people, safeguard their wellbeing, support them and help them to grow. That’s how you will achieve great results,” he commented.

Advice #3: “Make this world a little bit better”

Van den Brink related that some years ago, his father became ill and died within three months from a brain tumor. It was the saddest period of his life, but, at the same time, he forged a special relationship with this father and they talked about important things they had never discussed before.

“I asked him: ‘Dad, what was your purpose in life?’ I thought he would laugh at me because it wasn’t the kind of topic he talked about. However, he looked at me very seriously and said: ‘I came here to make this world a little bit better.’

“I often saw how he used his position of privilege to make a difference. And not only in big ways, but also in little gestures, in meaningful ways. More than a thousand people attended his funeral, mostly young students and colleagues whom he had helped in hard times, people from the charities in which he participated. Even though he was leaving this world, he taught me a very important lesson in the last moments we spent together.

“I know that the question about the purpose in life is huge and intimidating. Should you worry about it now that you are so young and just starting out in your careers? When I started working, I did focus on performing well and being successful, and I’m sure that’s what you have in mind, but if you don’t take care of yourselves, you will be stuck in this stage of your lives forever.

“This is what my father taught me. He forced me to ask myself what is the greater good than the one I am serving, until I am serving beyond myself. We are all born with unlimited potential. But serving only yourself, accomplishing only success, won’t let you reach your full potential of the person you could be.

“Put into practice everything you have learned here at EGADE. This is an incredible place that has given you so much. Go out into the world, go to those difficult places that will teach you so much. Remember that if you want to receive, you must first give. And don’t forget that in the middle of all this success, you must try to find a way to make this world a little bit better,” concluded Van den Brink.


IDEMAX and EGADE back business transformation in Latin America

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Horacio Arredondo, dean of EGADE Business School, and Diego Uribe, CEO of IDEMAX, signed a collaboration agreement on December 4 in Monterrey.


The regional business transformation consulting firm IDEMAX signed a strategic agreement with EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey, to form an alliance that seeks to drive the connection between academia, enterprise and the public sector, thus strengthening the Latin American Research and Development (I +D) ecosystem.

Moreover, this agreement provides a collaborative creation space between the research carried out by EGADE Business School and the strategic team at IDEMAX, in order to generate innovative tools and methodologies that will contribute to the creation and promotion of the businesses of the future.

“The agreement with EGADE Business School forms part of our regional strategy to forge solid ties with renowned educational institutions that share our vision of the businesses of the future, incorporating scientific-technological tools to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century,” said Diego Uribe, CEO of IDEMAX.

Twenty-first-century businesses require constant updating and new capacities from the world of knowledge. In this sense, the ties between us make it possible to add even more value to businesses on a regional level, betting strongly on Mexico and other Latin American markets. “The collaboration with EGADE opens a wide door to linking the fields of academia and business, amplifying the impact on people, society and the economy,” highlighted Andrés Couve, strategic advisor of IDEMAX.

“This collaboration reflects EGADE's commitment to leading the convergence between academia and the business sector, setting the standard for the preparation of leaders through practical solutions and advanced methodologies. These will contribute positively to the region’s economic and business development, consolidating our ongoing commitment to promoting research and development in Latin America,” emphasized Horacio Arredondo, dean of EGADE Business School.

In the current context, companies seeking to ensure their competitiveness in an ever-changing environment have elected to incorporate more scientific processes and knowledge into their internal capabilities. IDEMAX, as a driver of business transformation, designs and accelerates solutions that are specific to the particular challenges and needs of companies, integrating ad hoc knowledge and fostering the application of this scientific knowledge in productive settings.

With over 11 years’ experience in Chile, IDEMAX has consolidated its focus on business strategy, successfully expanding across the Latin American market from its headquarters in Mexico. The consulting firm is a staunch supporter of science as a driving force to tackle the challenges of companies and businesses of the 21st century, strengthening their adaptive capacity in the face of disruptive and uncertain future scenarios. This vision has been reinforced with the incorporation of Andrés Couve, former Chilean Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, and academic at the University of Chile, as strategic advisor to IDEMAX, who joins Diego Uribe, CEO of the firm, and partners Rosario Navarro, president of the Federation of Chilean Industry (SOFOFA), and Sebastián Amaral.


EGADE Professor awarded the Nuevo León Prize for Science, Technology and Innovation

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In its first edition, four researchers were recognized with this accolade for their efforts in driving the development of Nuevo León.


Bryan Husted, research professor in the Department of Strategy and Leadership at EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey, was awarded the first Nuevo León Prize for Science, Technology and Innovation, in the Social Science and Humanities category.

This prize is the highest honor granted by the Nuevo León Government and was established to recognize and encourage the research conducted in the fields of science and technology in this Mexican state.

At the award ceremony, held on December 4, the prize was also presented to Hugo Alberto Barrera Saldaña, in the Health Sciences category; Roger Zirahuén Ríos Mercado, in the Natural and Exact Sciences category; and Guillermo Enrique Acosta, in the Technological Scientists and Innovators category.

“The recipients of the first Nuevo León Prize for Science, Technology and Innovation have an important background in fields of knowledge as diverse as molecular biology, physics, forest management, corporate social responsibility, and nanoparticles,” said Iván Rivas, State Minister of the Economy and chairman of the Nuevo León general council for the Promotion of Research in Science, Technology and Innovation.

The award ceremony for the Nuevo León Prize for Science, Technology and Innovation took place within the framework of the 200 Years of Nuevo León commemorations.

Tecnológico de Monterrey has recognized Bryan Husted as a 'Flagship' researcher of the 2017 Rómulo Garza Prize and has been named in Stanford University's list of the World's Top 2% Scientists in 2022 and 2023.


First national study on logistics indicators presented

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The data collected for the study were retrieved from a 2022 online survey conducted by EGADE, LDM and Soy Logístico, in which more than 150 logistics experts participated.


EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey collaborated with the consulting firm Logística de México (LDM) and the Soy Logístico Association to develop the first National Study of Supply Chain Indicators in Mexico.

The study, which benefitted from the participation of more than 150 logistics experts, emerged to establish a benchmark for organizations from various industries.

Its approach lies in the measurement of the key points that are crucial for supply chain evaluation and improvement.

The results were presented on November 29 at the PM Steele headquarters in Mexico City.

Eric Porras, national director of MBA Programs at EGADE Business School, stressed the importance of promoting a culture of continuous improvement in companies from diverse sectors, focusing on strengthening their supply chains to remain relevant in the market.

“In light of the new investments that are anticipated owing to nearshoring, companies need to progress in achieving process improvement and higher levels of efficiency. This study provides an initial basis to move forward in that direction,” he explained.

In addition, José Ambe, CEO of LDM, highlighted the critical importance of supply chain efficiency in planning and responsiveness.

“This first-ever national study on logistics indicators seeks to mark a milestone in the way we view logistics and how to face future challenges with appropriate decision-making,” he said.

David Martínez, CEO of Soy Logístico, highlighted that this first study represents a turning point for Mexican supply chains by providing concrete data on the 14 most important logistics key performance indicators (KPI).

The data collected for the study was retrieved from an online 2022 survey targeting the main member companies associated with Soy Logistico, business partners of LDM and EGADE Business School.

The information presented in the study is segmented by industry, with the contribution of 100 participating companies.

The study encompasses four main blocks:

  • Customer service level and logistics indicators: Highlights the importance of customer service levels in supply chain management, particularly during unexpected events, such as the crisis generated by COVID-19. A high fill rate performance is demonstrated, with exceptions in the automotive sector due to the complexity of its chain.
  • Supply indicators: Analyzes the impact of the health contingency and the Russia-Ukraine War on the supply chain. Sectors such as retail and manufacturing stand out with high fill rate percentages and variations in lead times, according to annual billing.
  • Transportation indicators: Examines the growing trend of alliances with transportation providers, highlighting key points such as collection zones and frequency, transfer times, and loading capacity. Significant differences can be observed between industries, such as the use of containers in the automotive sector compared to retail.
  • Financial indicators: Analyzes transportation and distribution costs on sales, identifying the logistics and automotive industries with the highest costs. The need to improve infrastructure and services is emphasized in order to guarantee more competitive logistics costs in the face of new investments owing to nearshoring.

The study indicators are organized by industry, i.e., food (25%), retail (22%), logistics (14%), manufacturing (12%), automotive (11%), health or pharmaceutical (10%), and construction (6%).

Regarding employee distribution, 42% belong to companies with more than 1,000 employees, while 63% invoice more than 250 million pesos annually.


Sixteenth generation completes the Board of Directors Executive Program

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Executive Education participants receive their certificates at a ceremony presided over by Horacio Arredondo, dean of EGADE Business School.


The sixteenth generation of the Board of Directors Executive Program, offered by EGADE Business School, celebrated with a closing ceremony on November 28  at the Club Industrial in Monterrey.

By the end of the program, the participants had honed their competencies and acquired specialized knowledge on the functions of the Board of Directors.

Participants were congratulated by and received their certificates from Horacio Arredondo, dean of EGADE Business School; Carlos Serrano, academic leader of the Board of Directors Executive Program; Paul Juárez, director of Attraction and Admissions at EGADE Business School; and Nayeli Meza, director of Experience at EGADE Business School.

The Board of Directors Executive Program is delivered in a blended format with in-person sessions in Monterrey, targeting Board members; company owners, directors and executives; and strategic decision-makers.

The next edition of the program starts in March 2024.

Further information on the program can be found here.


World-class impact! EGADE alumna among the winners of the Women in Tech Global Awards 2023

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The Mexican entrepreneur won the Most Impactful Initiative Award in the sixth edition of the annual awards held in the United Arab Emirates.


Ana Karen Ramírez, founder and CEO of Epic Queen, was among the 2023 Women in Tech Global Awards winners.

The Mexican EGADE Full-Time MBA alumna, who represented Latin America against six finalists from other regions of the world, was the winner in the Most Impactful Initiative Award category.

This award recognizes initiatives or projects that have notably impacted advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion in the technology sector.

Ramírez received this award for Epic Queen, the social startup through which she empowers and inspires girls and women through content and education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

“This award recognizes our collective efforts, a reminder that when we empower women in technology, we are not only changing individual lives but also transforming the entire world,” Ramírez posted on social media.

The Women in Tech Global Awards 2023 ceremony took place on November 16 in the city of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates.

In this sixth edition, awards were given to the winners in 9 categories, which considered 63 finalists and 3,000 nominees from seven world regions.

At the prize-giving ceremony, it was highlighted that, as founder and CEO of Epic Queen, Ramírez has created a domino effect of transformation, impacting more than 70,000 girls and women and lighting up their passion for STEM areas.

Her dedication to accessibility led to the creation of online boot camps, fostering a sense of belonging in the tech community and inspiring women from different backgrounds to pursue tech careers.

Her hackathons have provided new job opportunities, while her mentoring and skills development programs have equipped girls and women with the tools they need to succeed in the industry.

Ramírez, as an influential digital creator, also hosts a  YouTube channel and a podcast that amplifies women's voices in technology and inspires a new generation of female technologists.

Ramírez has won many recognitions, including the 2019 EXATEC EGADE Merit Award, and was also distinguished as one of the Innovators under 35 Latin America 2020 by MIT Technology Review in Spanish.


Three EGADE Alumnae on the Merca2.0 Marketing Women List

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EGADE Business School graduates feature on the list of the leading women in the marketing industry.


Three graduates of EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey feature on the 58 Marketing Women 2023 list of the magazine Merca2.0.

The publication highlights that, throughout their outstanding careers, these women have demonstrated exceptional leadership, unsurpassable experience and passion for the world of marketing, raising the brands with which they have collaborated to new horizons of success.

The EGADE Business School alumnae are:

María Hernández (MA’00)

CMO, Estafeta Mexicana

“As a staff area, it is usually viewed as an area that the company can do without at any given time. I have translated this learning into generating measurable, palpable value for the company through strategies, in order to reflect a more valuable and recognizable brand, increased profitability, a greater presence and recognition by clients, accompanied by taking full advantage of digital marketing, user experience, knowledge of the competition, etc.,” commented the Master in Business Management graduate in the publication.

Claudia Reyes (MA’08)

Marketing Director, Impulso Division, Grupo Herdez

“As we see a lot, the aim is to continue to digitalize industry with different technologies, but while always ensuring we have purpose-driven brands,” the Master in Business Management graduate stressed.

Karina de la Vega (MBA’19)

Marketing Director, Bam Boo! Lifestyle & ONNEA GELD

"The use of AI can and should be integrated into various aspects of the marketing strategy, from the collection, analysis and interpretation of Big Data, to the creation of image and content elements in line with our micro segment profiles, perfecting them day by day and more rapidly, making it possible to respond in a timely manner to the speed with which markets evolve and the taste or preferences of today’s consumers," the EGADE MBA alumna explained.

The full list was published in the September 2023 edition of Merca2.0.


EGADE Alumni Among the 100 Most Important Entrepreneurs in Mexico

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The entrepreneurs included on the Expansión list are Mexican presidents and chairmen of the companies they represent.


Five graduates of EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey stand out in the 2023 edition of The 100 Most Important Entrepreneurs in Mexico, created by the magazine Expansión.

The entrepreneurs who appear on the list are Mexican shareholders and chairmen of the companies they represent.

The list methodology assesses aspects such as fortune, sales, profits, employees and participation in the Mexican Stock Exchange.

The EGADE alumni included on the list are :

#3 - José Antonio Fernández Carbajal (MA’79) President of FEMSA and Coca-Cola FEMSA

#23 - Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal (MA’69) President of José Cuervo

#35 - Javier Arroyo Chávez (MA’82) President of Farmacias Guadalajara

#86 - Eugenio Clariond Reyes (MA’72) Chairman of Grupo Cuprum, Cleber and Fultra

#90 - José Antonio Rivero Larrea (MA’91) Chairman of Compañía Minera Autlán

The full list was published in the October 2023 edition of Expansión.