Scientific Impact! EGADE Professors Among the Top 50 Most Cited Articles from Tec

The Transferencia Tec list considered all the publications affiliated with Tecnológico de Monterrey indexed in the Scopus database over the past five years.


Five publications by EGADE Business School professors and leaders of the Strategic Focus Research Groups (GIEE) and Centers for Excellence from the area of Business are on the list “The 50 most cited Tec scientific articles in the 2017-2021 five-year period”, published by the site Transferencia Tec.

In the world of science, the most common way of measuring a paper’s impact is citation, that is to say, the number of mentions or bibliographic references each scientific article has in texts written by other researchers.

To compile the list, Transferencia Tec required all the publications to have been indexed on the Scopus database during the period from January 2017 to December 2021, and only considered publications that were affiliated with Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Here are the details of the five publications, together with their positions on the list: 

#11 - The Impossibility of Social Distancing Among the Urban Poor: The Case of an Indian Slum in the Times of COVID-19

  • Ajnesh Prasad, professor in the Department of Strategy and Leadership at EGADE Business School and member of the Leadership GIEE, coauthor of this article published in Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability in 2020.

#13 - International Entrepreneurship: A Bibliometric Overview

  • José Ernesto Amorós, national Director of Doctoral Programs at EGADE Business School and member of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation GIEE, coauthor of this publication included in International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal in 2019. 

#20 - Conducting Management Research in Latin America: Why and What’s in It for You?

  • Amorós also coauthored this work published in the Journal of Management (JOM) in 2020. 

#26 - Effect of Market Orientation, Network Capability and Entrepreneurial Orientation on International Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

  • Alexandra Solano, director of the Center for Digital Evolution, principal author of this article published in International Business Review in 2018. 

#33 - Board Structure and Environmental, Social, and Governance Disclosure in Latin America

  • Bryan Husted, professor in the Department of Strategy and Leadership at EGADE Business School and leader of the Social Innovation and Sustainability GIEE, primary author of this article published in Journal of Business Research in 2019. 

The complete Transferencia Tec list can be found here. 

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