René Cabral
Economy and Finance
Professor at the Department of Finance and Business Economics
"Economics is fundamental for leading and taking the right business decisions".

Dr. René Cabral is a Research Professor at the Department of Finance and Business Economics at EGADE Business School and Leader of the Thematic Area Research Group (GAT) in Financial Innovation.

The research work of Professor Cabral Torres is directed towards the study of public finance, monetary policy, and the interaction of labout markets, as well as the manner in which these three areas affect the economic development of regions and countries.

His most recent research works have been published in journals such as the European Journal of Political Economy, Contemporary Economic Policy, International Journal of Educational Development, Annals of Regional Science and Journal of Policy Modelling, among others. He is also assistant editor in the Mexican Journal of Economics and Finance (REMEF) IMEF and a member of the editorial committee of the journal Economic Research. Mr. Cabral is a member of the SNI (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores), Level II.

He has also been a consultant for the World Bank and has participated in consulting projects for companies such as Minera Autlan and Axtel, institutions such as the Consulate of Canada and Metropolitan Water Fund of Monterrey, as well as for the state governments of Aguascalientes, Tabasco, Chiapas and Nuevo León.

    • Ph.D. in Economics
      University of York
    • Master in Economics
      University of York
    • Master in Finance
      EGADE Business School 
  • Second Place in the Public Finance National Prize, awarded by Mexico's Chamber of Deputies (October 2016).
  • Member of Mexico’s National Research System, Level 2 (since January 2013).
  • First Prize of the Romulo Garza Award for Research on Social Sciences, awarded by Xignux Group and Tecnológico de Monterrey System (January 2010).
  • 2010 Award to the Best Faculty Member (for Teaching and Research), Tecnológico de Monterrey (May 2010).
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