Eduardo Saucedo
Economy and Finance
Director at the Department of Finance and Business Economics
"To strive for excellence in my classes and inspire students to become leaders in their professional field".

Dr. Saucedo has been a researcher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (2009-2011) and has worked as Alternate Director in the Automotive Industry in the Sub Secretariat of Industry and Commerce (2001-2004) in the Secretariat of Economy of the Federal Government. He has also been a financial analyst in General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC).

Currently, he is a member of the SNI, (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores), Conacyt  as well as the American Economic Hispanic Association, and the Western Social Science Association.

In addition to his teaching activities at EGADE Business School, he has served as professor in the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (2012-2016), in New Mexico State University (2009-2011), as well as at the University of Houston and University of Cincinnati.

    • Ph.D. Economic Development
      New Mexico State University
    • Master in Economics
      University of Houston
    • Master in Applied Economics
      University of Cincinnati
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