EGADE Professor Takes Workshop to ISTE Conference at MIT

Federico Trigos’ participation as a workshop leader and member of the organizing committee was a key part of the annual event of the International Society of Transdisciplinary Engineering.


Federico Trigos, Business Analytics Professor at EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey, participated as a key element in the 29th annual conference of the International Society of Transdisciplinary Engineering (ISTE).

This edition of the event, called “TE 2022: The Future of Engineering”, brought together, from July 5 – 8, researchers, academics, and practitioners from more than 24 countries, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Trigos, together with Francisco Tamayo, Lean Thinking Professor at Tec de Monterrey, offered the workshop “Transdisciplinary Framework for Virtual Engineering Practices from Design to Course Deployment,” in which they shared a disciplinary framework for designing virtual reality practices applicable in the classroom.

In addition, during the congress parallel sessions, Trigos presented two papers:

  • “A Transdisciplinary Framework for Engineering Education, Developing Tactical Engineering Decision Making Skills,” with Tamayo, and
  • “Transdisciplinary Credit Allocation Policy to Foster Regional Economic Development through Financial Institutions,” with Carlos Mario Aldana, Ph.D. in Administrative Sciences student at EGADE Business School.

The papers were honored with an invitation to be published in extended versions in Product, an international and open access publication platform.

Additionally, Aldana presented the paper "A transdisciplinary spatial approach to creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem for regional development", co-authored with Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, and Teofilo Ozuna Jr., professor at EGADE Business School.

Trigos also sat on the TE 2022 conference committee, comprised of researchers from diverse universities worldwide.

As a member of ISTE and advocate of transdisciplinarity as a mindset, the professor would like to invite academics interested in this field to complete this form to apply for membership of this international society.

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