Forbes México Names EGADE Alumnus as Sports Protagonist for Recovery in 2022

International Olympics director and MAF graduate has been selected as one of the most relevant players in driving the post-COVID-19 sports economy.


Forbes México included Israel Villalpando, EGADE Business School Master in Finance graduate and Associate Director of Commercial Finance at the International Olympic Committee (IOC), on its list of the “22 Sports Protagonists” who will play a decisive role in the industry’s recovery in 2022.

“Across the world, there are some directors who go unnoticed, remaining out of the limelight, but who have a decision-making or leadership position within important international organizations in the sports industry. This is the case of Israel Villalpando, who has formed part of the Paralympic and Olympic movements for over 10 years,” claimed the business magazine.

The EGADE alumnus and also former elite athlete, who currently works at the IOC site in Lausanne, Switzerland, is an expert in commerce and sports and highly experienced in strategic management for global organizations and mega-events.   

"Today he is one of the people who control, regulate, and manage financial topics for one of the most important sports institutions in the world,” Forbes México said about Villalpando.

This year, the selection of “22 Sports Protagonists” by Forbes México presents the country’s directors and athletes who will play a pivotal role in driving the sports economy.

The list was published in the magazine’s January 2022 issue, which also presents high-profile figures from diverse areas of national life who will be key to the country’s post-COVID-19 recovery.

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