Luis Alfredo Hernández
Finance Energy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Risk Management
Director of the Graduate Degree Certificate in Energy Management, Mexico City
Academic Rigor, Empirical Relevance, and Social Commitment are the basis of the structure of our teaching commitment.

Professor Hernandez Aramburo specializes in consulting topics in the field of energy, financial innovation, portfolio management, risk management, and corporate funding. 

Among the professional activities of Professor Hernandez, the direction of Var Financiero, consulting in risk management and balance management. Likewise, he was Director of the Funding Area and Risk Management of Global Markets in HSBC Mexico. He served in the area of Global Banking as Relation Executive in the area of Energy. He has also served as Vice President in the Area of Structured Finance of Citigroup in New York, and Sub director in the areas or Treasury and Debt Markets in Banamex. In the public sector, he worked in the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit in the Direction of Financial Planning and the Office of Advisors of the Secretariat of Foreign Relations. 

He has performed collocations and operations with derived instruments for companies such as Pemex, CFE, Cemex, Banamex, Amovil, DaimlerChrysler, Compartamos, Aeromexico, Ferromex, and different municipalities. Several of these transactions have been acknowledged as Deals of the Year by specialized press. 

In addition to his teaching activities in EGADE Business School, Professor Hernandez has been a guest researcher by Bundesbank in Germany in the city of Frankfurt. 

Other titles: Independent Advisor in CFE EPS I, Independent Advisor Capitalization and Investment Fund of Rural Sector, CKD EXI2, he chairs the Risk Committee of the Trust for Mining Promotion, and he is a member of the Board of the International Society for Mexico Energy (ISME). 

    • Ph.D. in Economics
      UCLA University of California, Los Angeles
    • Master in Economics
      UCLA University of California, Los Angeles 

• Becario Fulbright 

• Mención Honorífica Licenciatura. Premio Banamex de Economía.

• Mención Honorífica Fundación Universidad de las Amércias Puebla