EGADE and Analytikus Collaborate to Analyze Educational Content with AI

This collaboration will apply AI Class Analyzer, a solution that uses video and audio from conferences or virtual classes as input data to examine participation and information delivery patterns.


EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey and Analytikus, one of the most innovative educational technology companies in Latin America, today announced their collaboration to implement an artificial intelligence-based analysis of educational content in the field of business. 

This project embraces AI Class Analyzer, an Artificial Intelligence solution developed by Analytikus, which uses video, audio and text from virtual conferences or classes as input data to examine participation patterns and information delivery during the sessions, seeking to optimize learning in higher education institutions. 

EGADE Business School will contribute the recordings of over 40 webinars presented as part of the series A la altura del desafío: liderazgo en el contexto de COVID-19, produced between March to June 2020, and the ongoing EGADE Future Forum

The aim is to explore and obtain data quickly and accurately, enabling informed decision-making regarding the optimization of the content of the webinars and, ultimately, of the EGADE Business School graduate programs. 

"AI Class Analyzer uses session recordings to analyze class participation and delivery patterns. This AI solution generates a systematized analysis of patterns and behaviors from the sessions taught, and is a cognitive artificial intelligence-based solution for the visual and audio analysis of text and videos, respectively. The results of these cognitive models are visualized through PowerBI reports on the class content and student interaction and participation analyses," explained Miguel Molina-Cosculluela, Founder of Analytikus.

Applied in virtual classrooms, this AI solution manages content through class transcripts and captures the topics and words most often mentioned by students. 

This is achieved through a systematized analysis of information, allowing teachers and academic directors to identify opportunities to optimize content and redesign classes, strengthening meaningful learning and student performance, motivation, and participation. 

"At EGADE, we are constantly seeking to reinvent the business education experience, and these types of initiatives propel our innovative approach, allowing us to understand how students filter and interpret what they learn through the teacher in his or her role as a facilitator," commented Lucía Romo García, Educational Innovation Coordinator at EGADE Business School. 

This confirms EGADE and Analytikus' commitment to innovation and educational transformation towards improving the quality of learning. The solution is expected to come into operation at the end of the third quarter of 2021.

About Analytikus

Analytikus is an organization selected by Holon IQ in 2020 as one of LATAM's most innovative educational technology companies, also a winner in LATAM and a finalist in the Global EdTech Awards (GESAwards) in 2017. Based in Miami and clients in more than 15 countries, builds innovative artificial intelligence solutions for higher education that empower educational institutions, anticipate and mitigate persistence challenges, and ensure student academic success. For more information, visit: https://es.analytikus.com/

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