Raquel Castaño
Associate Provost for Faculty Development at Tecnológico de Monterrey and professor at the Department of Marketing and Business Intelligence at EGADE Business School
+52 (81) 8625 6000 ext. 6177
Pasión por la educación y la investigación.

Professor Castaño has had an outstanding academic career as professor and researcher in the areas of marketing and consumer behavior. Her research line focuses in the adoption of new products and brands, the cultural meaning of consumption and decisions affecting consumer wellbeing. Her research works have been published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Marketing Letters, and Journal of Consumer Marketing, among others.

Among her main achievements as a researcher, the publication of the article “Managing Consumer Uncertainty in the Adoption of New Products: Temporal Distance and Mental Simulation published” is highlighted in the Journal of Marketing Research. Likewise, a version related to the article “How we relate to brands: Psychological and insights into consumer brand relationships,” published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, obtained the award of the American Marketing Association in 2012, as the best work in Psychology and Consumer Behavior. She is a member of the National System of Researchers of CONACYT, Level II.

In addition to her role as Dean of the College in EGADE Business School, Miss Castaño has been Principal of the venue Monterrey of EGADE Business School, as well as Academic Director and Director of the Master’s in Marketing in such institution. In the corporate field, she has occupied several managerial positions in GAMESA Corporation.

    • Ph.D. in Marketing
      Tulane University
    • Master in Management
      Tulane University
    • Master in Marketing
      Tecnológico de Monterrey
    • M.A.
      Tecnológico de Monterrey 
  • Conacyt-Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, Investigador Nacional Nivel II
  • Reconocimiento del Tecnológico de Monterrey y de su Comunidad de Ex Alumnos a la Trascendencia de la Labor Formativa
  • Premio a la Labor Docente y de Investigación (2009 y 2005).  Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey
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