Territorio Negocios Podcast: October 2022 episodes

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Neuroentrepreneurship, business storytelling, the superdollar, and the inclusion of indigenous communities in Latin America were the topics addressed by Territorio Negocios, the EGADE Business School podcast, during the month of October.

If you missed them, here are the four episodes:

Ep. 93 - Neuroentrepreneurship: the entrepreneurial brain

Neurosciences and behavioral sciences have reached the business world, and today they are working to understand the mental and behavioral mechanisms that make us more capable of entrepreneurship, such as risk acceptance or frustration tolerance. Ana María Aguilera Luque, a researcher at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at EGADE Business School, shares the latest findings regarding the existence of an "entrepreneurial brain" and the benefits that its unraveling would bring to the success of business and the development of companies. and the entrepreneurs.

Ep. 94 - Impact inclusion of indigenous communities in Latin America

Faced with the inefficiency of governments to offer social services, solutions arise from entrepreneurs, CSOs or social enterprises. Gastón Arostegui, general manager of Hilandería Warmi, and Felipe Symmes, professor at EGADE Business School and director of Research at VIVA Idea, discuss the role of markets and public-private partnerships in the inclusion of indigenous communities.

Ep. 95 - Business Storytelling

A good story about the company has become such a desirable asset that companies like Microsoft or IBM already have the figure of the 'Chief Storyteller'. A business storytelling that is interesting and inspiring, in addition to being successfully shared among collaborators, clients and partners, can increase the sense of belonging and consolidate the vision and organizational bonds. Ziranda González, professor at the School of Humanities and Education at Tecnológico de Monterrey, shares the formula for building a successful business storytelling, as well as its advantages.

Ep. 96 - The reign of the superdollar

The dollar has hit its highest level in 20 years against some of the world's strongest currencies. That means that it is more expensive to buy dollars in countries that use pesos, euros or any other currency other than the greenback. Rafael de la Fuente, Chief Economist for Latin America at UBS, and Jesús Garza García, Professor of Economics and Finance at EGADE Business School, analyze the great turmoil in the foreign exchange market.

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