Territorio Negocios Podcast: May 2022 Episodes

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Friendly fraud in e-commerce, maternity in professional settings, digital transformation in Latin America, career growth with gender inclusion, and conscious capitalism were the topics addressed by Territorio Negocios, the podcast of EGADE Business School, and the Undergraduate Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey, in May.

In case you missed them, here are the five episodes (in Spanish):

Episode 76: Friendly fraud?

Mexico is one of the fastest-growing companies in Latin America in terms of e-commerce; however, it has been affected by an opportunistic behavior pattern in certain customers of committing “friendly fraud.” Víctor Islas, General Manager at ClearSale LATAM, and Edgar Castillo Huerta, Accounting and Finance professor at Tec de Monterrey’s Mexico City Campus, address the implications of this type of fraud and how to prevent it.

Episode 77: A mother and a professional

Ana Paula Nacif, Independent Director and Mentor at Enlace+, and Zinia Padilla, Director of Institutional Culture at Tecnológico de Monterrey, discuss the personal process of being working mothers.

Episode 78: Digital transformation: challenges and opportunities for Latin America

Adrián Durán, Senior Vice President of Applications and Industries for Oracle América Latina, and Raúl Montalvo, Director of EGADE Business School, Guadalajara site, and academic leader of the executive program Strategic Digital Transformation, share their vision of the present and future of digital transformation in Latin-American organizations.

Episode 79: Time for growth with gender inclusion

What’s the connection between the glass ceiling and unpaid work? We talked with María Concepción del Alto, National Director of the Master in Finance at EGADE Business School, and Joana Chapa, Director of the UANL Economic Research Center, about career growth with gender inclusion.

Episode 80: Conscious capitalism, the heart of strategy

What is the purpose of business in this day and age? Conscious capitalism offers some answers. Javier Arteaga, Director of Business Development at Merco, and Christiane Molina, Professor at EGADE Business School and Academic and Research Director of the Tec de Monterrey Conscious Enterprise Center, explore how to infuse organizations’ strategic planning with this business philosophy.

Territorio Negocios forms part of the Tec Sounds podcast bar, available on SpotifyAmazon MusicApple Podcasts y Google Podcasts.

Enjoy a new episode every Tuesday.

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