Tenth Generation of the +Talento Diploma Course Graduates

Graduates generated 11 projects on disability inclusion in the workplace to be implemented in their organizations.


With participants from 11 companies committed to inclusion, the tenth generation of the +Talento Diploma Course graduated on September 14 in a virtual ceremony. 

This program, offered in a partnership between the EGADE Business School's Center for Conscious EnterpriseMovimiento Congruencia and Éntrale, focuses on preparing specialists to design disability inclusion in the workplace projects.

During the diploma course, 21 participants from the companies BBVA, Caterpillar, CEMEX, Coppel, Flex México, Goodyear, John Deere, PepsiCo, Polaris, Proeza, and Viakable acquired the tools, knowledge, and guidance needed to generate 11 projects on disability inclusion in the workplace to be implemented in their organizations.

"Today we are bringing a months' long process to a close; I was delighted to see that companies are seeking to generate these spaces and promote inclusion in the workplace, which will produce new opportunities in our society," said Christiane Molina, Academic and Research Director of the EGADE Business School's Center for Conscious Enterprise.

The guest speaker was Maryangel García-Ramos Guadiana, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at the Tecnológico de Monterrey Center for the Recognition of Human Dignity, and EGADE Business School alumna. 

"You should feel very proud of yourselves for having completed this diploma course, for your enthusiasm, and for wanting to achieve transformation through your work, since this is a pact you have with people," she stated.

The event was also attended by Francisco Javier Fernández González, Executive Director of the EGADE Business School Center for Conscious Enterprise; Melissa Oyervides Vázquez, Manager of Movimiento Congruencia; Fernando Estrada Franco, Director of Éntrale, alliance for disability inclusion in the workplace; Daniel Maranto Vargas, Director of EGADE Business School, Monterrey site; Jaime Martínez Bowness, Director of EGADE Business School, Mexico City site, and Raúl Francisco Montalvo Corzo, Director of EGADE Business School, Guadalajara site.

The tenth edition of the 20-week +Talento Diploma Course was offered 100% online, addressing the following themes: 

  • Knowledge and understanding of disabilities. 
  • Project design. 
  • Organizational culture. 
  • Internal and external inclusive communication. 
  • Regulatory framework. 
  • Accessibility and reasonable adjustments. 
  • Safety strategies. 
  • Inclusive home office. 
  • Inclusive talent management. 
  • Inclusion in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Talent diversity in organizations is a potential source of competitive advantage, and its management requires the sensitivity, understanding, and knowledge provided by the +Talento Diploma Couse for projects on disability inclusion in the workplace.

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