In the Stock Market! Mexico City Hosts the 2023 National MAF Congress

The subjects embraced in the third edition of the event ranged from responsible leadership to trends in private capital and venture capital, as well as sustainable finance.


The 2023 National Master in Finance Congress of EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey took place over two days in the emblematic site of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) in Mexico City.

The third edition of this event brought together more than 100 students from the Monterrey and Santa Fe sites, and the online program, to explore and discuss the most pressing challenges in the world of finance.

On August 17 and 18, the BMV became the epicenter of knowledge and experience exchange for the Congress participants.

Activities included a series of keynote conferences and panels, on topics ranging from responsible leadership to trends in private capital and venture capital, as well as sustainable finance.

While in the installations of the stock exchange, the students had the unique opportunity to explore the iconic trading floor, visit the halls of the Stock Exchange Museum (MUBO) on a guided tour, and experience the thrill of a simulation of “open-outcry” transactions, reliving the pre-electronic system tradition.

In their welcome message, Horacio Arredondo, dean of EGADE Business School; Mercedes Poiré, director of EGADE Business School, Santa Fe; and María Concepción del Alto, national director of the Master in Finance of EGADE Business School, inspired the participants with their words, highlighting the importance of this congress in consolidating their leadership in financial settings.

One of the most extraordinary moments of the Congress was the keynote conference delivered by José Oriol Bosch, CEO of Grupo BMV, who shed light on "The sustainable securities market".

Additionally, Poiré offered a keynote address on “Responsible leadership.”

Afterwards, the director of the EGADE Business School Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Félix Cárdenas, provided an overview of the private capital and venture capital ecosystem.

Cárdenas also moderated a panel on investments in diverse entrepreneurship models, with the participation of outstanding leaders, such as Stefan Möller, founder and CEO of Klar; César González, cofounder and managing partner of Sapiens Capital; Gonzalo Soriano, VC Investor at AC Ventures; and Luis X. Barrios, founder and CEO of Arkangeles.

Sustainable finance was also a central theme at the Congress. Ana Karen Mora, director of Sustainability at Fibra Uno and director of the FUNO foundation; Mariuz Calvet, director of Sustainable Finance for Mexico and Latin America at HSBC; and Dakota Mahar, Sustainability director at Scotiabank México, shared their perspectives in keynote addresses and formed art of a panel on the future of sustainable finance in Latin America.

This panel was moderated by Eduardo Aguiñaga, national director of Full-Time Programs at EGADE Business School, who guided the conversation towards new ideas and opportunities in the field of responsible finance.

Alfredo Ramírez García, director of the Master in Finance at the Santa Fe site, together with other EGADE Business School faculty members, also participated in the activities.

The 2023 National Master in Finance Congress of EGADE Business School concluded with a spirit of collaboration, learning and renewal of ideas.

The participants, who entered the program in the September 2022 and April 2023 periods, took away a trove of valuable knowledge and experiences that will serve to enrich their professional careers and the preparation of future innovative leaders in the world of finance.

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