Launch of Health System Management, a new executive program of TecSalud and EGADE

With the collaboration of the Mexican Hospital Consortium, this 100% online program facilitates the adoption of best practices in medical entrepreneurship, business models, and talent management for the future of the sector.


To contribute to progress in the implementation of future business models in medical services, the first edition of Health System Management began on May 12th, with more than 40 participants, including health sector managers and professionals from various Mexican states.

This new 100% online executive program of TecSalud and EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey, with the collaboration of the Mexican Hospital Consortium, has been designed for those facing current and future challenges in health service management within the context of transformation and post-pandemic recovery.

Participating in the welcome session were: Guillermo Torre, Rector of TecSalud and Vice President of Research at Tecnológico de Monterrey; Pablo Buitrón, Associate Dean of Executive Education at EGADE Business School; and Javier Potes, Director of the Mexican Hospital Consortium.

“The health systems in our country and Latin America need to change to face the realities of the health and economic problems, as well as the needs of the population in the communities where we operate. This TecSalud and EGADE Business School program, with the collaboration of the Mexican Hospital Consortium, represents an initial effort to tackle these problems,” Torre explained.

The program was presented by Jorge Azpiri, General Director of Hospital San José and TecSalud’s Director of Development and Expansion Projects, and Lydia Garza, Academic Lead of Health System Management.


In the opening session of the program, Raúl Montalvo, Director of EGADE Business School, Guadalajara, shared an analysis of the context, trends, and expectations from an economic perspective and considered their impact on the health sector.

In addition, Gustavo Fernández de Loyola, CEO of Grupo Torre Médica, addressed the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico.

Subsequently, a panel entitled “Conscious capitalism in the health sector” was held, with the participation of Raj Sisodia, Distinguished Professor and Advisor to the Center for Conscious Companies at Tec de Monterrey; Neha Sangwan, CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence; and José Ruiz Hernández, CEO of Alder Koten. Francisco Fernández, Executive Director of the Center for Conscious Companies at Tec de Monterrey, was the panel moderator.


Through Health System Management, participants learn to identify and leverage the opportunities and interactions of health services to create value in an increasingly competitive, global, interconnected, and conscious environment.

They also gain a critical perspective of the regulatory, compliance, and ethical processes of healthcare services, and discover how to integrate cutting-edge technology to optimize medical, business, and administrative operations.

Thus, it enables them to adopt the best practices in medical entrepreneurship, business models, and talent management for the future of the sector, gain a deeper understanding of methodologies and performance indicators and fully comprehend investments and new business models for health institutions.

This 30-hour program is taught 100% online and includes six modules:

1. Current Context

2. Business Models

3. Physicians and Talent

4. Marketing and Customers

5. Collaborative Leadership

6. Technology and Change

This program targets directors and managers of health institutions, professionals with two years of experience in managing health institutions, and personnel from hospitals, clinics, the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories in search of agile, innovative knowledge of post-pandemic learning, as well as health professionals in the public and private sectors interested in offering world-class health services.

Participants earn a digital badge with the blockchain technology of curricular value.

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