IDEMAX and EGADE back business transformation in Latin America

Horacio Arredondo, dean of EGADE Business School, and Diego Uribe, CEO of IDEMAX, signed a collaboration agreement on December 4 in Monterrey.


The regional business transformation consulting firm IDEMAX signed a strategic agreement with EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey, to form an alliance that seeks to drive the connection between academia, enterprise and the public sector, thus strengthening the Latin American Research and Development (I +D) ecosystem.

Moreover, this agreement provides a collaborative creation space between the research carried out by EGADE Business School and the strategic team at IDEMAX, in order to generate innovative tools and methodologies that will contribute to the creation and promotion of the businesses of the future.

“The agreement with EGADE Business School forms part of our regional strategy to forge solid ties with renowned educational institutions that share our vision of the businesses of the future, incorporating scientific-technological tools to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century,” said Diego Uribe, CEO of IDEMAX.

Twenty-first-century businesses require constant updating and new capacities from the world of knowledge. In this sense, the ties between us make it possible to add even more value to businesses on a regional level, betting strongly on Mexico and other Latin American markets. “The collaboration with EGADE opens a wide door to linking the fields of academia and business, amplifying the impact on people, society and the economy,” highlighted Andrés Couve, strategic advisor of IDEMAX.

“This collaboration reflects EGADE's commitment to leading the convergence between academia and the business sector, setting the standard for the preparation of leaders through practical solutions and advanced methodologies. These will contribute positively to the region’s economic and business development, consolidating our ongoing commitment to promoting research and development in Latin America,” emphasized Horacio Arredondo, dean of EGADE Business School.

In the current context, companies seeking to ensure their competitiveness in an ever-changing environment have elected to incorporate more scientific processes and knowledge into their internal capabilities. IDEMAX, as a driver of business transformation, designs and accelerates solutions that are specific to the particular challenges and needs of companies, integrating ad hoc knowledge and fostering the application of this scientific knowledge in productive settings.

With over 11 years’ experience in Chile, IDEMAX has consolidated its focus on business strategy, successfully expanding across the Latin American market from its headquarters in Mexico. The consulting firm is a staunch supporter of science as a driving force to tackle the challenges of companies and businesses of the 21st century, strengthening their adaptive capacity in the face of disruptive and uncertain future scenarios. This vision has been reinforced with the incorporation of Andrés Couve, former Chilean Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, and academic at the University of Chile, as strategic advisor to IDEMAX, who joins Diego Uribe, CEO of the firm, and partners Rosario Navarro, president of the Federation of Chilean Industry (SOFOFA), and Sebastián Amaral.

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