Ernesto Amorós Is Honored With the Rómulo Garza Prize in the Scientific Papers Category

The award ceremony for the prize promoted by Tecnológico de Monterrey in partnership with Xignux took place during the Tec Science Summit.


José Ernesto Amorós Espinosa, associate dean of the Faculty of EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey, has been honored with the 2023 Rómulo Garza Prize for Research and Innovation in the Scientific Papers category.

This category of the prize, promoted by Tecnológico de Monterrey in partnership with Xignux, recognizes papers that have been published in indexed journals with a high-impact factor and with an outstanding number of citations.

Amorós Espinoza won the award for his paper “Necessity or Opportunity? The Effects of State Fragility and Economic Development on Entrepreneurial Efforts,” published in the academic journal Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ETP), the leading entrepreneurship publication considered to be one of the most influential for business and economics, according to the UK newspaper Financial Times.

"This work is part of a wider project that has greatly influenced the development of entrepreneurship ecosystems in Mexico and many other countries: the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). Thanks to GEM, we can now confirm, as this work demonstrates, that the quality of government institutions is a very important and, at times, determining factor in assuring an entrepreneurial dynamic that pursues genuine business opportunities. In contrast, fragile states with poor quality governments encourage entrepreneurship out of necessity as a survival mechanism,” Amorós commented.

The prizegiving ceremony occurred on February 28 as part of the Tec Science Summit 2024 activities organized by Tec de Monterrey.

One of the most notable winners, encompassing six categories, was Arturo Molina Gutiérrez, director of the Institute of Advanced Materials for Sustainable Manufacturing. He received the Insignia Award for his exceptional 35-year career in science at Tec de Monterrey.

Furthermore, Edgar David Ramón Raygoza, who earned a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences at the Tec School of Engineering and Science, received the accolade for research that led to entrepreneurship.

The awards for students’ research projects went to Fernanda Estibalíz Ibarra Esparza, Master of Engineering Sciences student, School of Engineering and Science; María Paula García García, B.Sc. in Nanotechnology Engineering; and PrepaTec high school student José María Salvador Martínez.

The Rómulo Garza Prize for Research and Innovation recognizes the talent and promotion of scientific work by Tec de Monterrey researchers, professors, and students.

The Prize, introduced 49 years ago in memory of entrepreneur Rómulo Garza, who was an outstanding research promoter, Tec board member, and philanthropist during his lifetime, recognizes and drives the career paths and scientific advancements of this institution’s researchers.

During the award ceremony, Eugenio Garza Herrera, Chairman of the Board at Xignux and Rómulo Garza’s grandson, emphasized the dedication and contribution of the winners to propose solutions that will solve humanity’s problems.

“Let us remember the fundamental importance of research-based knowledge construction in consolidating freedom and for our society’s progress,” Garza Herrera stated.

David Garza Salazar, rector and executive president of Tecnológico de Monterrey, thanked the Rómulo Garza family and Xignux, on behalf of the Institution, for their support in driving research and keeping such an important legacy alive.

“We are proud of the talent of our community of researchers and their contributions that enrich science and serve to create innovative solutions based on cutting-edge knowledge. Therefore, we reaffirm our commitment to developing science- and technology-based research and ventures to impact development in Mexico and the world,” he said.

In addition to Garza Herrera and Garza Salazar, other Board members present were Ana Cristina Garza de Sáenz, Humberto Garza Domínguez, Óscar Martínez Treviño, Guillermo Torre Amione, Juan Pablo Murra Lascurain, Hugo Garza Medina, Feniosky Peña-Mora, and Alejandro Poiré Romero.

Throughout its history, the Prize has paid tribute to more than 400 research undertakings and 11 people with exemplary careers. By recognizing these achievements and contributions to the community, Tecnológico de Monterrey continues to establish itself as a platform for enriching science and creating innovative solutions based on cutting-edge knowledge.


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