EGADE Student Wins 2024 Tec Woman Award

EGADE MBA Santa Fe student stands out in arts and cultural management in the twelfth edition of this prize.


Thanks to her outstanding artwork with international projection, Xi (Monica) Chen, an EGADE MBA student, won the 2024 Tec Woman Award in the “Arts and Cultural Management” category.

The student from EGADE Business School, Santa Fe site, featured among the winners of the nine categories and two special distinctions in the twelfth edition of this prize announced yesterday.

Monica, of Chinese origin, who identifies as “half Asian and half Latina,” has resonated internationally thanks to her art portfolio "That's How I Talk to Myself," available in Chinese and Spanish, which brings together a selection of her paintings created between 2016 and 2022, and reflects her unique perspective on the life and aesthetics of Latin America, among other topics.

In addition, the prizewinner is renowned worldwide due to her nomination as a CAAN (Chinese Artists in America Network) guest artist, becoming the only representative who actively disseminates Mexican and Latin art in this prestigious organization.

The Tec Woman Award aims to recognize and highlight the stories, career paths, contributions, and talent of the women students, graduates, professors, collaborators, and directors of the institutions that comprise Tecnológico de Monterrey: Tec de Monterrey, Universidad Tecmilenio and TecSalud.

The 2024 Tec Woman Award award ceremony, this year called “Waking Up Changes Everything,” will take place on March 12 at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey.

The winners will receive the “Muliere Amet” or “defiant woman” trophy from the hands of the institution's leaders.

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