EGADE MBA students experience gamified challenges

The participants of the EGADE MBA National Meeting put their power skills to the test through playful activities.


Within the EGADE MBA 2022 National Meeting, the students experienced a series of six gamified challenges through which they put their power skills to the test.

The challenges took place in different spaces of the EGADE Business School headquarters in Monterrey, which became "spaces of power."

For each challenge in which they participated, the students received a ticket for a raffle that was held within the meeting, as well as badges of leadership power, collaboration, curiosity, communication, creativity and connection.

Their advances and rewards were recorded in a passport that contained the instructions for each of the six challenges, which included video games, secret codes, Legos and shots at goal.

Through these playful activities, the students strengthened competencies and skills such as effective communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, decision-making, planning and time management.

The challenges were closed within the conference "Gamification, immersive experiences and video games to develop skills", given by Miguel Abrajan, co-founder of MasQueLearning, during the second day of the meeting.

Abrajan collaborated in designing the gamification experience in coordination with the Educational Innovation Department of EGADE Business School.

The 2022 edition of the EGADE MBA National Meeting was held from October 6 to 8, in Monterrey, under the slogan Power Skills for a New Era.

The event brought together the EGADE MBA students in Monterrey, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Querétaro.

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