EGADE and TSE Students Join in the Second Finland-Mexico Innovation Camp

Students from both schools collaborated to generate innovative solutions for a complex health problem such as obesity.


Students from the Master in Business Management (MBM) at EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey and the Global Innovation Management (GIM) program at Turku School of Economics (TSE) collaborated in the second edition of the Finland-Mexico Innovation Camp (FINMEXINNO).

For two weeks, from February 19 to March 1, students from both schools teamed up in Turku and Monterrey with a “co-innovation” approach to generate innovative solutions for a complex health problem such as obesity.

“It has been very interesting to create this cooperation and learning platform with our partner from Finland. Solving complex problems from different perspectives, such as education, research, industry, and government, is a common effort. It is important to create these collaborative ties both with actors external to EGADE and with internal actors such as the Obesity Research Institute of the Tecnológico de Monterrey,” commented Sascha Fürs​t, research professor at EGADE Business School and promoter of FINMEXINNO.

This initiative of EGADE Business School and TSE is supported by the Finnish National Agency for Education—TFK (Team Finland Knowledge), an entity that encourages the international exchange of students and promotes innovative collaborations between Finnish and Latin American universities and institutions.

A total of 11 students from both schools had the opportunity to meet representatives of Finnish and Mexican companies, from startups to large companies, as well as researchers and experts in various fields, who shared their ideas to develop Design Thinking and creation processes. of service prototypes.

The EGADE Business School-TSE collaboration began in 2022 with a joint virtual course in which 100 students from both schools participated, and the first edition of FINMEXINNO was held in 2023.

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