Conscious Enterprises Center, Tec’s Bid for the Transformation of the Business Development Model

Raj Sisodia, global leader of the conscious capitalism movement, joins as Distinguished University Professor of Conscious Enterprise and gives keynote at the inaugural event.


Tecnológico de Monterrey, committed to the preparation of conscious leaders as part of its vision towards 2030 and 2025 strategic plan, is launching the Conscious Enterprises Center (CEC), the purpose of which is to develop a new consciousness in leaders, companies and organizations, contributing to human flourishing and attaining a more prosperous, fairer and more inclusive society.

CEC forms part of EGADE Business School and the Tec School of Business, and transversally promotes the principles of conscious capitalism, enriching this model and adapting it to the Mexican and Latin American context.

In order to drive these efforts further, Raj Sisodia, co-founder and global leader of the conscious capitalism movement, is joining Tec as a Distinguished University Professor of Conscious Enterprise. In addition, Francisco Fernández will be the Executive Director and Christiane Molina the Academic and Research Director of CEC.

Fernández highlighted the purpose of the Center and described the dream that will guide its efforts towards 2025. “The Center is an effort that joins a worldwide movement. We endeavor to be an actor that will accelerate and amplify the impact on even more organizations and individuals in Mexico and Latin America. With CEC, Tec has confirmed that it is a highly effective platform, a means of society for society that seeks to have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.”

During the inaugural event, Dr. Sisodia offered a keynote address titled "Towards Conscious Capitalism," in which he explained that the nature of CEC is to provide mutual orientation and learning opportunities between companies that pursue the evolution of business in favor of conscious capitalism, thereby contributing to the development of institutions and business practice policies. He added that: “Tecnológico de Monterrey has the capacity and the opportunity to transform the nature of business in Mexico, Latin America and beyond.”


Molina explained that the Center, to invigorate the role of leaders, companies and organizations as generators of a positive impact, performs its work on the basis of the following four areas:

1. Specialized accompaniment for companies, based on applied research, to implement the conscious management model. A project along this same line is the “Decent Wage Calculator” and, additionally, the first book on conscious capitalism in Mexico is being prepared.

2. International community of conscious leaders and organizations to reinforce this network by promoting Tec de Monterrey’s philosophy and platform. At present, CEC has forged close ties with Conscious Capitalism Mexico Chapter, Sistema B, Alianza por la Inversión de Impacto, Iniciativa Capitalismo Social, PRME and the Global Compact, and will continue to incorporate more strategic allies.

3. Learning experience design to develop the mindset and knowledge that will translate into actions and impact. In this regard, more than 900 students nationwide have completed the course Conscious Leadership in Businesses.

4. Faculty with thought leaders who propel conscious leadership and culture. To this end, the first generation of 30 professors specialized in Conscious Enterprise have completed their training. Tec has strategic focus research groups aligned with the center’s topics of interest, in particular the Social Innovation and Sustainability Research Group and the group of experts in “Sustainable Wealth Creation.”

“The challenges we are facing nowadays are both numerous and complex. The leaders, companies and organizations of Mexico and the world play a fundamental role in finding solutions that will lead us to a better future. In this way, through the Center, we will be promoting a series of projects and initiatives to achieve a significant impact and renew the current development model, enabling us to build more prosperous, fairer, and more inclusive societies,” Dr. Molina commented.


Apart from the aforementioned personages, the event was also attended by David Garza, Rector and Executive President of Tecnológico de Monterrey; Juan Pablo Murra Lascurain, Rector for Undergraduate and Graduate Education; Ignacio de la Vega, Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs, Faculty and Internationalization; Arturo Zapata Guizar, Member of the Tecnológico de Monterrey Board of Directors, Mexico City Region, and Chairman of Corporación Zapata; and Eduardo Garza T. Junco, Board Member of the School of Engineering and Science, and Chairman of the FRISA Board of Directors.

CEC will soon be announcing new projects, reporting on developments, and disseminating the research findings around conscious capitalism.

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