360 Customer Vision Shared

In an EGADE Future Forum webinar, executives from the software firm Salesforce México and the department store chain El Palacio de Hierro discuss the challenges and strategies for generating unique engagement experiences. 


Customer relationship management leaders from different industries shared their experiences and perspectives within the EGADE Future Forum series.

Adriano Silva, Regional Vice-President at Salesforce México, and Fabiola Vásquez, Analytics and Customer Development Director at El Palacio de Hierro, participated in the webinar “360 customer vision: a unique engagement experience.”

The session was moderated by Jaime Martínez Bowness, Director of EGADE Business School, Mexico City.

“In the 360 vision, we have to evaluate differences to work in different spheres, including customer acquisitionconversion, and retention in the long term,” Silva commented.

Vázquez pointed out an increasing demand among customers for special treatment and a 360 strategy lays the foundation for satisfying them.

“A 360 customer vision is not an end, but rather a means,” she explained. 

Silva commented that a 360 customer vision aims to place the customer in the center to identify their needs and opportunities for growth and enable the company to benefit both parties.

The experts agreed that organizations should start by having a clear picture of their purpose if they hope to increase customer value over time, reduce the abandonment rate and, in the same way, have a greater engagement, improve customer service, and grow customer loyalty.

Watch the complete webinar here.

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