Christiane Molina
Strategy and Management
Professor at the Department of Strategy and Leadership
"A strategic perspective is an essential tool to transcend the organization".

Dr. Christiane Molina is Research Professor in the Strategy and Leadership Department at EGADE Business School. She currently teaches corporate sustainability to MBA students and courses on strategic planning, innovation and sustainability, and planning models and processes at the State of Mexico Campus.

Dr. Molina is a prominent coach of the Best Mexican Companies program at Deloitte, Banamex and Tecnológico de Monterrey. She has also provided advice to family businesses in the Family Business Value Creation Program in the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City. She is certified as an Independent Director by the Institute of Best Practices and as “Multiplicador B” by the B Corp organization in Mexico.

Dr. Molina worked in the Telecommunications Industry in Nicaragua and Mexico as a consultant for Detecon Inc., a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. She is a member of the SNI, (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores), Candidate level, Conacyt, and an active member of the Academy of Management in the divisions of international business and organization and administration.

Dr. Molina’s research has been published in Business & Society magazine, and in Advances of International Management. She has presented her research at several national and international conferences such as BALAS (Business Association for Latin American Studies), ACACIA (Academy of Administrative Sciences), and LAEMOS (Latin American and European Meeting on Organization Studies). In addition, she collaborated on the book 100 Entrepreneurs Mexicanos.

    • Ph.D. in Administrative Sciences
      EGADE Business School, Monterrey office
    • Master in Administration
      EGADE Business School, Monterrey office
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