Santiago Alonso Díaz
Research Professor of the Department of Marketing and Business Intelligence

Santiago Alonso Díaz is a Research Professor in the Department of Marketing and Business Intelligence at EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey. His academic and professional career has been characterized by outstanding teaching and research work in the field of behavioral and cognitive sciences in various institutions in both Colombia and the United States, including the Javeriana University, Universidad de los Andes, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, University of Rochester and Columbia University. He has extensive experience as a consultant specializing in issues of behavior and cognition, having collaborated in private, public, and international institutions, including the United Nations, Xolit, the District Secretariat of Security, Coexistence and Justice of Bogotá, GRADE, Minciencias Colombia and the Inter-American Development Bank. His research focuses on the intersection between cognitive science and human behavior.


    PhD Brain & Cognitive Sciences
    University of Rochester


    MSc Brain & Cognitive Sciences
    University of Rochester


    MSc Neuroscience & Education
    Columbia University


    BS Finance
    Universidad Externado de Colombia

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