Alfredo Ramírez García
Director of Master in Finance program at Santa Fe site
Uncertainty: risk or reward?

Alfredo Ramírez García is the Director of the Master in Finance program at the Santa Fe site of EGADE Business School.

In the professional field, Professor Ramírez has extensive experience as an information technology and data science consultant. His collaborations with various companies across multiple sectors have involved the development of customized data science methodologies tailored to align with each company's unique value generation cycle. He has also significantly contributed to successfully formulating technological architectures to implement data science solutions. These contributions encompass establishing data lakes, selecting third-party AI platforms, and designing APIs, among other essential elements. Professor Ramírez has worked closely with technology companies to design comprehensive service portfolios covering all stages of the data science methodology. This inclusive approach enables these organizations to offer services to a broad range of companies, regardless of their industry, size, or level of AI technology adoption.

Professor Ramírez's research primarily focuses on the electric industry, specifically analyzing spot prices in the Day Ahead Markets (MDA) and Real-Time Markets (MTR). These markets form integral components of the wholesale electricity market (MEM). His research endeavors have involved the development of spot price forecasting models and evaluating European options models, both of which serve as crucial hedging instruments within the MEM. As a faculty member at EGADE Business School, Professor Ramírez imparts his extensive knowledge in courses such as Data Science for Finance, Fintech, and Financial Innovation, among others.

Professor Ramírez is a Ph.D. Candidate in Financial Science at EGADE Business School and holds an Executive MBA (MEDEX) from IPADE Business School.

    • Ph.D. in Financial Science (Candidate)
      EGADE Business School
    • Executive MBA (MEDEX)
      IPADE Business School
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