Strategic Research Groups


… Business schools don’t effectively address the practical and broad issues facing corporate leaders today because such issues aren’t on the faculty’s research agenda. Serving the needs of the business community by educating practitioners, and creating knowledge they can use, may exist as secondary functions at those business schools, but they are goals honored mainly in speeches made by deans seeking donations from corporate executives. (Bennis, W., & O’Toole, J. (2005)

Research at the Business School is founding on the following set of values:
It is inspired on organizational and social problems and challenges to ensure the creation of sustainable value through time.
It generates social impact and improves the performance of organizations.
It is robust, innovative, and risk-taking in methodological terms.
It is carried out in a collaborative way, highlighting the value of generating positive impact from different perspectives.
It is effectively communicated to all stakeholders of the School to benefit from the knowledge generated.
It is transdisciplinary, aiming for high impact collaboration with other Institutes and Schools at Tecnológico de Monterrey, as well as prestigious international partners.
Problems to solve
  1. The need for new leadership models, organizational structures and working schemes that promote flexible organizations and foster transformation.
  2. Claim for the generation of committed entreprises, and responsable for generating value to their communities with a higher purpose.
  3. The need to increase productivity in Latinamerica to foster economic growth that has not been able to be generated, through the innovation and the generation of new business models, enabling organizations to benefit from changes and opportunities in the environment.
  4. Existence of a new consumer and needs that will open new opportunities to promote responsible and healthy consumption, which will imply, additionally to incide in consumer habits, the transformation of the way in which industries interact with the consumer beginning with the definition of sustainable organizational strategies.