Research Group
Family Business

This is the space dedicated to the generation of knowledge about the organizations whose property falls fundamentally in a family and also in the study of the families that give life to the organizations.

Objective: Be relevant to our stakeholders in terms of generating academic research on families in business, the keys to their success and their future challenges.

We have four research areas:

  1. Family entrepreneurship
    • Innovation and Technological Transformation
    • Tradition vs. Innovation
    • New business creation structures
  2. Government and heritage
    • Strategic thinking and management
    • Government agencies
    • Familiness and Socioemotional Wealth
  3. Intergenerational Flowering
    • Leadership, communication, knowledge transfer (competences)
    • Company survival
    • Well-being for the succession
  4. Values and conscience
    • Integrity, diversity, sustainability
    • Inclusion and Conscious Capitalism
    • Legacy


Name Campus Rank in National
Researchers System
Alberto Daniel Malpica Romero email Guadalajara  
Aurora Correa Flores scholar email Monterrey  
Axel Atzayacatl Zavala scholar email Guadalajara C
Bárbara Isabel Mojarro Durán scholar email Guadalajara C
Edgar Rogelio Ramírez Solís scholar email Guadalajara 1
Fernando Sandoval Arzaga scholar email Monterrey  
Jorge Eduardo Gómez Villanueva scholar email Guadalajara  
María Francisca Fonseca Paredes scholar email EGADE Monterrey  
Verónica Ilián Baños Monroy scholar email Guadalajara  

Scientific Publications

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