Research Group
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

At the end of the decade of seventies, Tecnológico de Monterrey considered that its graduates should have an entrepreneurial attitude and not only have as a goal to occupy positions in established companies. For this, it was necessary to give the students a special training that not only introduced them to the path of entrepreneurship, but also gave them the necessary tools to travel on that path. This is how the Programa Empresario (business-owners program) began in 1978, through a small group of professors and entrepreneurs who guided a group of students in the process of creating a company. This program was later transformed into the Programa Emprendedor (Entrepreneurship Program). Thanks to this program, various support projects have been triggered that continue to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the Tec de Monterrey community, generating one of the most dynamic and complete university entrepreneurship ecosystems in Latin America and even the world.

Since its inception, entrepreneurship has become part of the Institution's DNA. Tec was founded by entrepreneurs. Many young students who, upon graduation, became successful entrepreneurs (41% of graduates have started at least one company) that they have generated 2.8 million jobs and innovated in a large number of areas according to the “Economic Impact Study of Tec de Monterrey Graduates in the World” (QS, 2018).

Our goal like research group, is to enhance and disseminate research in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation as fundamental tools to strengthen the economic and social development putting focus in these specific research lines:

  1. Entrepreneurship ecosystems: its aim is the systematic study of the economic and social implications of creating new firms and the relevant actors and conditions to enhance the entrepreneurship activities. Within this topic, the context and characteristics of entrepreneurship will be analyzed at its three levels: individual, regional and national.
  2. Social entrepreneurship: Its objective is the study of processes around business that are created for greater social and environmentally goals and not just the pursuit of profits. This includes the notion of conscious entrepreneurship and the relationship of entrepreneurial activities that have social impact.
  3. Entrepreneurship education: Its objective is to analyze the processes of teaching entrepreneurship from a management perspective. Consequently, it seeks to have a better understanding of the impact of entrepreneurship courses in higher education, the mechanisms that generate entrepreneurship and career development, and the study of entrepreneurial motivations and cultural contexts.
  4. Corporate entrepreneurship: Its objective is to analyze who innovation processes within established organizations generate new business opportunities and the subsequent corporate venture creation. This topic includes the study of entrepreneurship culture inside the organization, strategy for innovation and mechanisms to implement entrepreneurship programs or projects including corporate venture capital.


Name Campus Rank in National
Researchers System
Alfonso Ávila Robinson scholar email EGADE Monterrey 1
Cristian Granados Sánchez scholar email Santa Fe C
Cynthia Lorena Franco Rodríguez scholar email Guadalajara  
Dante Benito Castro Solano email Querétaro C
David Salvador Xotlanihua González scholar email Monterrey  
Delia Lizette Huezo Ponce email Guadalajara 1
Edgar Muñiz Ávila scholar email Guadalajara  
Elvia Guadalupe Castro Félix email Overseas Delegations  
Elvira Elena Naranjo Priego scholar email Monterrey  
Felipe Ignacio Symmes Avendaño scholar email EGADE Monterrey  
Félix Florencio Cárdenas del Castillo email EGADE Monterrey  
Fernando Andrés Moya Dávila scholar email EGADE Monterrey C
Francisco Javier de la Fuente scholar email Monterrey  
Geraldina Silveyra León scholar email Guadalajara C
Humberto Armando Charles Leija scholar email Monterrey C
Jairo Abraham Ruiz Nava email Monterrey C
Ján Rehák scholar email Querétaro  
José Ernesto Amorós Espinosa scholar email EGADE Santa Fe 1
José Manuel Maraboto Quepons email EGADE Monterrey  
Juan José Cabrera Lazarini email Overseas Delegations  
Linda Elizabeth Ruiz Castro scholar email Monterrey C
Lizbeth Alicia Gonzalez Tamayo email Toluca  
Lizbeth Martínez Ramírez scholar email Santa Fe 1
Lucía Alejandra Rodríguez Aceves scholar email Guadalajara 1
Marcia Nelly Villasana Campos scholar email Monterrey  
María de los Dolores González Saucedo email Monterrey  
Martha Corrales Estrada scholar email EGADE Monterrey 1
Miguel Angel Rodríguez Montes email Monterrey  
Patricia Esther Alonso Galicia scholar email Querétaro  
Rafael Antonio Tristán Zamores email San Luis Potosí  
Rafael Eduardo Alcaraz Rodríguez scholar email Monterrey  
Sascha Fürst email EGADE Guadalajara 1
Sergio Ortiz Valdés scholar email Overseas Delegations  

Scientific Publications

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