Guidelines for the January/February-June 2022 Academic Period at EGADE

Unabridged reproduction of the communication sent on August 10, 2021, to students of the in-person graduate programs of EGADE Business School in Mexico: 

Guidelines for the January/February-June 2022 Academic Period at EGADE

Dear EGADE Business School Students,

I hope this message finds you, your families, and your loved ones well and in good health.

As a result of the communication "Guidelines for the January/February-June 2022 Academic Period" issued today by Tecnológico de Monterrey for all undergraduate and graduate students, at EGADE we would like to share the following:

The January 2022 trimester and February 2022 semester will take place mainly in person, based on the conditions of each state, while maintaining some technology-supported digital flexibility elements.

Since the in-person academic offerings will predominate, it is important that you carefully check the courses available at your EGADE site and/or in your program, since there will be fewer remote options.

 At EGADE, the aforementioned academic periods will contemplate classes and activities in three modalities:

1. In-person: Sessions will take place in the classroom and, therefore, require physical attendance.

2. Synchronous hybrid: A combination of simultaneous remote and in-person sessions. Classroom attendance is required since activities could be included in the in-person sessions that count towards course evaluation.

3. Remote: Corresponds mainly to national or regional groups and/or with multicampus faculty, delivered synchronously or asynchronously.

Formal attendance will be expected of students who have enrolled in hybrid and in-person courses.

EGADE campus and/or site services will be fully available. Non-local students should prepare in advance their attendance at the site in which they enrolled.

 An increasing number of the EGADE LiFE activities, academic services, Career Services, events and experiences that comprise our community’s experience will switch from hybrid to in-person sessions.

EGADE’s international programs will be aligned with the provisions issued by the Office of the Internationalization Vice-Rector of Tecnológico de Monterrey under the following considerations:

EGADE students who travel abroad

a) In the January 2022 trimester and February 2022 semester, students who wish to participate in an exchange or dual degree program abroad will have the opportunity to do so in an in-person, hybrid or remote format, depending on the conditions and policies of each country and of each university.

b) The March 2022 Global Network Week will continue to be held in the remote modality, as agreed by the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) consortium. The modality for the June 2022 Global Network Week has not yet been defined.

International students coming to EGADE

a) As of January 2022, we will be receiving international students in the in-person modality at the three EGADE sites: Santa Fe, Monterrey and Guadalajara.

Students who consider traveling from Mexico to a foreign country or from a foreign country to Mexico must do so at their own discretion, making conscious, responsible decisions.

In addition, we will maintain strict adherence to the health protocols included in our Conscious Reopening Plan.

Just like the more than 34 thousand students who have already done so across Tec, EGADE students must register their vaccine on the SAP Fiori Client App. Here are some support resources to help you download the app and register your vaccine:

Vaccine registration will be required to enter the EGADE campus and/or site facilities as of January 2022.  

If for any reason you are not fully vaccinated, you can access the remote offering available at your EGADE site and/or in your program.

Remember to consult our official channels and visit the Conscious Return Site. We also recommend that you contact your Program directors or faculty for further information.

We are thrilled to welcome you back to our classrooms!

Laura Zapata Cantú

Associate Academic Dean

EGADE Business School

Tecnológico de Monterrey

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