Juan Antonio Enciso
Global Business
Director of the MBA and MBA in Global Business and Strategy, EGADE Monterrey
Passionate for understanding global businesses.

Dr. Enciso González is an expert in institutional analysis and his impact on business, topics on which he has published academic articles. He has also participated as a lecturer in various economic and institutional issues, given his academic background in the area of international business and global economy.

He has worked in the public sector in the Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development (now the Ministry of Economy) and the private sector in companies such as Nortel Networks, Tyco Electronics, Elcoteq and Global Trends de Mexico. 

He is a consultant on global business issues and full time professor at EGADE Business School. He has been the Director of the Masters in International Business (MIB) program and Deputy Director of the OneMBA. 

In addition to his role as Director of the MBA program in Global Business and Strategy of the EGADE Business School, Dr. Enciso conducts various projects of cooperation of the School in international consortia of the EU including the projects PILA, EQUALITY, SUMA, UNIQUE, LA IPR HD and MUSE and is a member of the board of various organizations. He is also the Chapter Advisor of the Mexico Chapter of the EGADE Business School of the Beta Gama Sigma.

    • Ph.D. in Public Policy
      Tecnológico de Monterrey
    • Master in International Management for Latin America
      Tecnológico de Monterrey and Thunderbird School of Global Management 
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