Research Group
Business Analytics

Strategic decision making today requires a more efficient and analytical use of information. Not only in its creation and compilation but also in its processing and interpretation. For this reason, the creation of this area and research group seeks to be a door of analysis for the purpose and grow by developing and detecting skills and needs that can be supported by this group.

This group focuses on analyzing using analytical tools: visualization, regression analysis, operations, problems of companies and processes, economic phenomena, consumer behavior, among others that can be supported using this type of tools to generate solutions and proposals more in line with the reality of the problem.

Within the GIEE of Business Analytics, it has been sought to combine from the business point of view the development of models, scientific proposals, among others that meet decision-making needs through the development and publication of scientific articles in journals, articles outreach, as well as participation in national and international congresses and conferences.

The lines of investigation are multidisciplinary, and the communication vessel is the usage of business analytical tools: Operations and supply chain, Control systems, and Consumer behavior.


Name Campus Rank in National
Researchers System
Eric Porras Musalem email EGADE Santa Fe  
Jesús Cuauhtémoc Téllez Gaytán scholar email San Luis Potosí  
Raúl Francisco Montalvo Corzo email EGADE Guadalajara  
Ricardo Pérez Navarro scholar email Guadalajara  
Sonia Monárrez Martínez email EGADE Monterrey  
Xiomara Vázquez Guillén scholar email Guadalajara  

Scientific Publications

  • Ponce, L.A.B., Rocha, A.R., Navarro, R.P. (2021). A causality approach in the analysis of the trade-off between financial sustainability and outreach. Finance Research Letters, 42. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.frl.2021.101920
  • Lemus-Delgado, D., Navarro, R.P. (2020). Data science and global studies: Contributions and methodological challenges. Colombia Internacional, 10241-62. https://doi.org/ 10.7440/COLOMBIAINT102.2020.03
  • Bernal Ponce, L.A., Pérez Navarro, R., Ramírez Grajeda, M. (2020). Causality between Chinese investment in Latin America and the governance indicators. Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, 21(1) 6-17. https://doi.org/10.1177/1783591719874774
  • Cervantes, M., Lemus, D., Montalvo, R. (2017). Implementing innovative financial models in different cultures: A comparative analysis of China and Mexico. Cross Cultural and Strategic Management, 24(3) 508-528. https://doi.org/10.1108/CCSM-09-2016-0170