Perspectives of the Mexican Economy Discussed

Everardo Elizondo offers a talk during activities for students to mark the start of the new term.


Within the framework of the welcome to the September-December 2021 term, EGADE Business School students attended the keynote conference “The Mexican Economy 2019-2021: Evaluation and Perspectives”

The talk was offered virtually on September 30 by Everardo Elizondo, academic leader and Professor of Economics at EGADE Business School, and former Governor of Banco de México. 

Addressing students from all the programs and sites, Elizondo explained that the consensus among analysts is that the Mexican economy will grow significantly in 2021. 

Nevertheless, he warned, even though the available information supports this idea, its realization will depend, among other things, on the evolution of the “third wave” of the pandemic and the government’s reaction

“Banxico is facing the task of controlling the ongoing elevated inflationary process, to bring it into line with its goal. The environment is characterized by unusual uncertainty and by international excess liquidity,” he claimed. 

He pointed out that long-term, high and sustained growth requires private and public investment invigoration. 

“This needs a stable macroeconomy and, above all, the validity of Rule of Law. Tasks that are pending,” Elizondo stated. 

Osmar Zavaleta, Interim Dean of EGADE Business School, welcomed participants to the event. In his message, he urged students to be the agents of transformation and change that organizations require, seeking to contribute to the growth and development of Mexico.

“In the current context of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, I would like to share with you that now more than ever, having an academic preparation that gives us the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to face to the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that this new reality has brought us is becoming increasingly relevant,” he emphasized. 

In the September-December 2021 term, more than 1,300 students from the diverse EGADE Business School programs started classes in the hybrid format. 

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