Eric Porras
Operations Management
Director of MBA and MBA-GBS Programs
+52 (55) 9177 8000 ext. 8382
"A passion for a practical vision of theory"

Dr. Porras is the Director of the MBA and MBA-GBS programs at EGADE Business School. 

Professor Porras Musalem’s research on logistics systems and inventories have been published in internationally renowned specialist journals and have focused on lectures he has presented at national and international congresses. 

As an expert and leader in the logistics field, Professor Porras was the Director of Research (2011-2014) at the Innovation Center in Logistics and Commerce, Tecnológico de Monterrey which comprises the network of research centers in Logistics of the Supply Chain and Logistics Institute at the University Georgia Tech. He has also participated in consulting projects for industry in logistics and supply chain-related topics. He was also a member of the SNI (Sistema National de Investigadores, Level 1, Conacyt (2007-2012).

    • Ph.D. in Operations Research
      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Master in Stochastic Operations Research
      Utrecht University 
    • Master in Economics
      Tinbergen Institute, Erasmus University of Rotterdam
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