EGADE presents its Decalogue for the Economic & Business Refounding of Mexico


EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey has presented its Decalogue for the Economic & Business Refounding of Mexico, a guide to key aspects to reactivate the country through a more conscious model of doing business and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise after the contingency of COVID-19.

“In our institution, we are committed to the development of new generations of leaders who transform our societies. The pandemic has shown us the pressing need for better leadership to better deal with the health crisis and future social and economic metastases," said Ignacio de la Vega, dean of EGADE Business School and the Undergraduate Business School at Tec de Monterrey.

Publishing the document, EGADE Business School reinforces its commitment to the Mexican entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial ecosystem and contributes to finding collective solutions to the effects that the health crisis has caused in society.

"With this decalogue, we join the search for collective solutions to the challenges that face us as humanity," added De la Vega.

The ten keys of the decalogue, in summary, are:

1. Develop a more conscious business model. Companies should forget about capitalism that only benefited the shareholder, prioritizing business strategies that incorporate sustainable production, and actively participate in entrepreneurship and social innovation.

2. Build resilient societies and organizations. The shock caused by the pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of most companies and institutions. It is urgent to implement future thinking mechanisms and establish guidelines for a more just and sustainable future for all.

3. Establish the entrepreneurial ecosystem as the core of recovery. The pandemic has created opportunities that many entrepreneurs have been able to capture. It is necessary to consolidate an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in which companies, universities, and research centers participate as poles of attraction for talent.

4. Leave no one behind: invest in development, education, and opportunity generation. As in previous crises, the most vulnerable populations are suffering the effects of this crisis more acutely. The revival of the economy must go hand in hand with creating opportunities for vulnerable communities populations through public-private investment, and education.

5. Take a closer look at opportunities for a new trade globalization and regionalization scheme. The new reality incorporates a brake regarding globalization and the maintenance of global supply chains, which configures a new map of opportunities that Mexico cannot miss.

6. Embrace digital transformation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. COVID-19 has highlighted the urgency of having a national program for the adoption of sales and distribution technologies for proximity commerce, as well as incorporating better e-commerce tools and support mechanisms for proximity logistics.

7. Leverage economic recovery through sustainability and innovation. There is an opportunity to redefine what type of companies and sectors will receive investment, how the economy will be reactivated, directing growth towards a fairer, more inclusive, responsible, sustainable, and competitive model.

8. Drive talent in a connected educational system. Aligning universities and training agents with the new economy and the new technological contexts must be a priority to enhance their impact on the development and competitiveness of the country.

9. Drive global governance and multilateralism. To face the challenges of the future, a multilateral governance system is needed that transcends the needs and capacities of a single institution or interest group, that cares about the common interest, and that incorporates the capacities of diverse groups.

10. Forge collaborative, transparent leadership. We need leaders who can think strategically and communicate effectively, but also who go beyond words and act according to goals and with the decision to face the challenges of an unknown world that must be reinvented and rebuilt.

The full document of the Decalogue for the Economic & Business Refunding of Mexico can be downloaded here.

Since the beginning of the health emergency, the priority of the Tec and EGADE Business School has been the health and safety of its students, professors, and collaborators.

In this way, last March they announced the closure of their campus and headquarters, as well as the implementation of the Digital Flexible Model to ensure and guarantee the academic continuity of their students, demonstrating that, despite adverse conditions, it is possible to maintain the quality standards at a distance and continue to fulfill its purpose: Educating that Transforms Lives.

Recognizing the ability of its community to adapt and be flexible in the face of the uncertainty and diversity of its geographic footprint at the national level, the Tec and EGADE Business School are preparing to start the semester August-December 2020 under HyFlex+, a different and innovative model that will allow students combine face-to-face and remote activities.


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