EGADE Launches MGMT Business Skills, a New 100% Online Executive Education Program

The flexibility of the program allows executives and entrepreneurs to consolidate, at their own pace, practical, immediately applicable knowledge, focusing on four core themes to grow in the world of business.


To help executives and entrepreneurs anywhere in the world consolidate their skills, at their own pace, to navigate the new business reality successfully, EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey has developed MGMT Business Skills.

The new 100% online program forms part of EGADE Business School's Executive Education program portfolio, offering time optimization through flexibility and providing practical, immediately applicable knowledge to grow in the world of business.

MGMT Business Skills allows businesspeople to combine their education with commitments in their organizations or enterprises through up-to-date content taught by EGADE Business School professors as well as guest business leaders, covering four thematic areas:

· Leadership

· Business Vision

· Innovation and Entrepreneurship

· Exponential Technologies

"As resources to progress in business, adaptability and time are two fundamental elements. Therefore, at EGADE Business School, we designed MGMT Business Skills so that participants can tailor it to fit their needs. The program offers practical, applicable knowledge in an asynchronous, digital format, enabling participants to climb in their business structure or grow their firms," explained Jaime García Narro, Associate Dean of Executive Education at EGADE Business School.

The program is comprised of brief, optimized content in diverse rapid, user-friendly formats, such as videos, readings, and podcasts.

The six-month MGMT Business Skills program is taught in Spanish. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be personalized to the extent that participants choose 50% of the topics according to their interests. Read more information about the program here. 


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