Research Group
Finance and Macroeconomics

The Finance and Macroeconomics GIEE investigates the manner in which financial markets and companies interact in the global world. It also seeks to understand the impact of the decisions made by public and private agents in conditions of real economic activity and the industrial structure at the international, national and regional levels.

Its research areas include:

  • corporate government and financial strategy (e.g., dividend policy, corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions)
  • financial markets (e.g., portfolio optimization, risk management, derivatives)
  • interaction of monetary and fiscal policy with the real economy (e.g., the way in which macroeconomic forces shape the economy and affect regions, industries and companies)
  • behavioral economics and finance
  • and emerging financial technologies (e.g., fintech, blockchain, AI, business analytics, etc.)


Name Campus Rank in National
Researchers System
Adriana Ramírez Rocha scholar email Guadalajara C
Alejandro Fonseca Ramírez scholar email EGADE Monterrey  
Alejandro Ibarra Yunez scholar email EGADE Monterrey 2
Alicia Fernanda Galindo Manrique scholar email Monterrey C
Carlos Alberto Vargas Castolo scholar email EGADE Monterrey C
Daniel Cerecedo Hernández email Santa Fe  
Eduardo Saucedo de la Fuente scholar email EGADE Monterrey 1
Felipe Abelardo Pérez Sosa scholar email Querétaro 1
Iván Adolfo Valdovinos Hernández scholar email EGADE Guadalajara C
Ivan Jozef A Lathouders email EGADE Monterrey  
Jorge Rubén Keith Islas email Sonora Norte C
José Antonio Núñez Mora scholar email EGADE Santa Fe 2
Luis Arturo Bernal Ponce scholar email Guadalajara 1
Luz del Carmen Díaz Peña scholar email Puebla  
María del Rocío Vega Zavala email Guadalajara C
Nidia Junive Juárez García email Guadalajara C
Osmar Hazael Zavaleta Vázquez scholar email EGADE Monterrey  
Raymundo Díaz Robles scholar email Saltillo C
René Cabral Torres scholar email EGADE Monterrey 2
Roger Ivanodik Juan López Churata scholar email Santa Fe C
Rolando Fuentes Bracamontes scholar email EGADE Monterrey C
Teofilo Ozuna Jr scholar email EGADE Monterrey  

Scientific Publications

  • Rodríguez-García, M.D.P., Galindo-Manrique, A.F., Cortez-Alejandro, K.A. and 1 more (...) (2022). Eco-efficiency and financial performance in Latin American countries: An environmental intensity approach. Research in International Business and Finance, 59 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ribaf.2021.101547
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