Research Group
Consumer Behavior and Conscious Marketing

The research group with a strategic approach, GIEE, now known as “Consumer Behavior and Conscious Marketing”, was born from the merger of three research chairs at Tec de Monterrey. On one hand, the research chair on Marketing and Sustainable Development advanced in Campus Toluca and coordinated by Dra. Lorena Carrete with the participation of Dra. Pilar Arroyo and Mrs. Sara Isabel García López. On the other hand, the research chair Glocalization: Understanding the Latino Consumer, forming an important tradition at Campus Monterrey, under the direction of Dra. Raquel Castaño with the relevant participation of Dra. Claudia Quintanilla. Finally, the research chair Consumer, Brand, and Competitiveness, in Mexico City, under the coordination of Dr. Jorge Vera Martínez and the outstanding contributions of Dra. Andrea Trujillo, Dr. Rajagopal, and Dr. Edgar Centeno.

Although at the beginning, this GIEE was named “Consumer Behavior and Value Creation”, in an effort to give it a more precise and transcendent approach, the research lines were merged and reoriented until reaching the name it now holds. Currently, the research efforts in this GIEE, are inspired by the following thought: “Conscious consumer behavior and conscious marketing strategies will not only produce more social and ecological value, but also greater long-term financial performance for organizations”.

Branding and consumer perceptions. The brand has played a leading role in marketing activity for the past 30 years. The brand is considered the main vehicle to communicate and manage consumer benefits of products and services. In this research line, studies carried out are about the effects of brand perceptions on customer behavior. Here variables such as performance of the product/service, perceived value, consumer-brand identification, purchasing patterns, and brand performance are analyzed. Our studies emphasize responsible and sustainable use of brands and marketing strategies.

Digital marketing and diffusion of innovations. In accordance with the priority topics of the Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and the use of technology, this line of research studies the development of business in the digital environment as well as the consumer adaptation to that environment. Here, the effects of innovative technologies and products on consumers' behavioral changes, such as adoption processes and cultural changes are studied. Relevant topics here are product adoption profiles, e-commerce channels, and technological impacts.

Responsible consumption decisions and social welfare. Humanity is moving towards a sustainable society, and today more than ever, the issue of responsible consumption and behaviors acquires strategic importance. Responsible consumption derives from the recognition of the repercussions that superfluous, excessive, or harmful consumption, both personal and collective, have on the balance between economic, environmental, and social well-being. For this reason, and in accordance with the Business School's approach towards promoting shared values and conscious businesses, this research line focuses on identifying the determinants of sustainable and healthy behavior that can lead to delineating interventions, policies, educational effort, and social marketing campaigns to promote personal and social well-being.


Name Campus Rank in National
Researchers System
Adriana Morales Rodríguez email Tampico  
Alberto López Hernández email Monterrey C
Alejandro Alvarado Herrera email Sonora Norte 1
Celia Fabiola Vásquez García email Santa Fe  
Citlali del Carmen Calderón Frese email Toluca C
Claudia María Quintanilla Domínguez scholar email EGADE Monterrey 1
Daniela Rachel Rodríguez Delgado email Monterrey C
David Pérez Castillo email Toluca C
Diana Kolbe scholar email Ciudad de México C
Edgar Antonio Centeno Velázquez scholar email EGADE Santa Fe 2
Jorge Luis Graciano Vera Martínez scholar email Ciudad de México 2
Lorena de la Paz Carrete Lucero scholar email Toluca 1
María del Pilar Ester Arroyo López scholar email Toluca  
Rajagopal scholar email EGADE Santa Fe 3
Raquel Minerva Castaño González email EGADE Monterrey 2
Sidney Abril Ornelas Sánchez scholar email Monterrey C

Scientific Publications

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