EMBA GNW: Global Network students explore LATAM's sustainable entrepreneurship in EGADE course

The Global Network for Advanced Management program was held online in its June 2022 edition.


EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey virtually brought together 23 students from member schools of the Global Network for Advanced Management, within the EMBA Global Network Week, in its June 2022 online edition.

In the program held from June 13 to 17, EGADE Business School offered the course “Sustainable Entrepreneurship in LATAM: Towards a More Equitable and Innovative Economy.

Taught by professors Francisco Layrisse, Felipe Symmes, José Manuel Maraboto, and Luli Pesqueira, this program explores the emergence and development of social innovation around the world, with a special focus on its most recent stage in Mexico and Latin America.

Throughout the week, the participants, who formed a multicultural group, learned about the different concepts, tools and attitudes necessary to lead a social innovation, from the voice of academics and their invited experts, among entrepreneurs and leaders of accelerators and intrapreneurship.

Likewise, they were able to experience interactions with Mexican culture through sessions taught by Professor Valeria Sánchez.

For these digital internationalization experiences, EGADE Business School recently received an EQUAA Award 2022 .

Within this edition of EMBA Global Network Week, a total of 57 students from EGADE Business School participated globally in 20 courses taught by different member schools of the Global Network for Advanced Management.

This 2022, the Global Network for Advanced Management, which includes EGADE Business School as a founding member, is celebrating its tenth anniversary.


Three international students from business schools in India, Kenya and Germany who participated in this EGADE Business School module shared their learnings:

“I consider myself really lucky to get enrolled for this course as this help me widen up my vision a lot. I am an entrepreneur and own a fruit juice company in India and after attending this course, I will really add to the vision of my company to find ways to help people and the planet in whatever way I can through my company. The professors of EGADE and their guests were really knowledgeable and experts and that stimulated me to deep dive and find innovative solutions to societal issues. Moreover, I was very much obliged to have colleagues from all over the world and have their views and comments and get to know their thought processes. I am really happy to see and experience the Mexican culture and their delicious food dishes. Overall it was a really good experience and I will really wish to take some more courses from EGADE anytime in the future," said Kuldeep Vamja, a student from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

“It has been a great pleasure being part of this team. I thank EGADE Business School for allowing me to be part of this cohort. From the start, I have to appreciate all the lecturers and the guest speakers for taking their valuable time to take us through this course, and of course not forgetting our lovely Valeria for always making sure that we know more about Mexico for those us who only know it through the map! If given a chance I would love to visit the campus and tour Mexico. I have been learning about sustainability, but this time I have learned more, it is not just about leaving zero footprints, it is about doing business consciously, and this can only be achieved by seeking to create social and environmental improvements through organizational practices and products, and it doesn't stop there, an organization must be regenerative! I'm in the hospitality industry and was very impressed by the video shown about the Playa Viva hotel and its regenerative nature. I call upon my fellow industry players to start thinking seriously about Regenerative Tourism!,” said Maureen Obunga, a student from the Kenyan Strathmore Business School. 

“This program has been prepared in an extremely professional way. It provides the right theoretical frameworks and combines them with live examples of companies that are generating a positive impact on society and the planet. Of course, we cannot forget, that even though we couldn’t travel to Mexico to attend it, the online cultural interactions and sharing of Mexican food, music, and traditions made me feel like I was there and created that experience of expanding my world knowledge,” said Christian Sofer, a student from the German ESMT Berlin.

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