2023 Tec Prize for Women Awarded for Driving Financial Education for Kids

Accolade recognizes Alicia Fernanda Galindo Manrique and her enterprise ABACO Consultoría Financiera for her work and impact on society.


Alicia Fernanda Galindo Manrique, professor and graduate of EGADE Business School - Tecnológico de Monterrey, was announced as a 2023 Tec Prize for Women winner in the Entrepreneurship category.

The accolade recognizes her work at ABACO Consultoría Financiera, an enterprise she founded to drive financial education for kids through courses and workshops for children, teens, and parents.

“I am extremely grateful for this recognition by the Tec Prize for Women in entrepreneurship. A huge thank you to everyone for continuing to believe in my project that champions financial education for children and teens,” the winner posted on Instagram


Galindo Manrique is director of the B.A. in Finance & Accounting (LCPF) program at Tec Campus Monterrey; adjunct professor at EGADE Business School; and member of the GAT Financial Innovation within the Research Groups of Tec’s School of Business.

She is also a host of Territorio Negocios, the podcast of Tec Sounds, EGADE Business School, and Tec's Undergraduate Business School, and a regular collaborator in EGADE Ideas.

She earned a Ph.D. in Accounting & Finance with a focus on sustainability at UANL, offered jointly with Universidad de Extremadura; a Master’s in Finance and MBA from EGADE Business School; and a B.A. in Finance and Accounting at Tec.

The Tec Prize for Women seeks to recognize and highlight the career path, contributions, and talent of alumnae and female students, professors, collaborators, and directors from Tecnológico de Monterrey’s institutions.

“Year after year, this recognition is an example that inspires other organizations to create similar initiatives that will close the gender gap and highlight the transformational power of women in society,” stated Inés Sáenz, Inclusion, Social Impact, and Sustainability VP at Tec.

The winners of the 2023 edition will receive the “Muliere Amet” trophy during the award ceremony to be held on March 6 at Tec Campus Monterrey, within the framework of International Women’s Day.

View the full list of winners on the Tec Prize for Women website.

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