The EGADE Santa Fe, Querétaro and Lima Class of June 2022 Proudly Celebrate Their Graduation in Mexico City

In his address, Dean Horacio Arredondo Villalba urged the graduates to lead innovative, ethical, sustainable businesses to tackle the challenge of inequality. 


The Class of June 2022 of EGADE Business School Santa Fe, Querétaro and Lima, Peru celebrated their graduation in Mexico City.

The ceremony took place on June 28 in the Sports Hall at Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Campus Santa Fe, and was broadcast live on live.tec.mx and Facebook Live of EGADE Business School.

The new EGADE alumni and alumnae who make up this class in Santa Fe, Querétaro and Lima, hail from Mexico and 11 other countries (Germany Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, U.S.A., Peru, Russia and Venezuela), and earned 223 master’s degrees and 1 doctorate.

Per program, the class comprised 158 graduates from the EGADE MBA in Santa Fe, Querétaro and Lima; 3 from the Full-Time MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship; 21 from the EGADE - W.P. Carey Executive MBA; 38 from the Master in Finance; and 1 from the Ph.D. in Administrative Sciences.

The ceremony was presided over by Horacio Arredondo Villalba, Dean of EGADE Business School; Ana María Zermeño Padilla, Associate Dean of Admissions and Academic Operations, EGADE Business School; Fernando Moya Dávila, Director of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, EGADE Business School; and Jaime Martínez Bowness, Dean of the Mexico City Region, School of Business, Tecnológico de Monterrey.

In his address, Martínez Bowness congratulated the students for graduating with great pride from one of the top business schools in the world, and urged them to continue to grow and learn at every opportunity.

“And, on becoming lifelong learners we also become mentors and even professors. Therefore, we will also be inviting you later on to consider teaching a class, revisiting your old classrooms, or coming to Tec to give a conference and share everything you have learned with the coming generations,” Martínez Bowness stated.


As the student speaker, Agustín de la Maza Huesca, a graduate of the EGADE - W.P. Carey Executive MBA, thanked the institution and faculty for providing his class with such an exceptional development platform

“Teaching and learning in these circumstances was a huge challenge, and with our adaptability we were able to overcome it. To our dear professors, thank you for challenging us, for pushing us to new heights, for questioning us. We know that excellence is achieved with the guidance of experts and in-depth, deliberate practice. Thank you for guiding us to excellence,” acknowledged De la Maza, who graduated with honors and the highest grade average in his program.

On addressing his fellow students, De la Maza highlighted that apart from enjoying a learning experience filled with diversity, another valuable aspect consisted of the ties they were able to create, not only of friendship, but also for mutual feedback, advice and guidance regarding their professional and personal lives.

“When we started this program, we used technology efficiently to collaborate, but it was actually when we were finally able to share a classroom and our trips that our relationships took on another dimension; I am talking about the dimension of caring, respect and trust, which is essential for any important relationship in our lives. I would like to invite you to take care of these relationships, strengthening them with new moments that will allow them to last forever,” he said.

The end of this period, he told the new graduates, offers a chance to revisit and reframe their vision, including the values of integrity and generosity.

“We can’t think about creating value just for ourselves, but must create it for everyone around us and for our society. Congratulations on today’s achievement and on the successes of your brilliant future,” De la Maza concluded.


Before taking the pledge, Arredondo Villalba delivered a message to the new EGADE alumnae and alumni (EXATEC).

The Dean recalled the vision of Tecnológico de Monterrey, “Leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship for human flourishing,” and invited the graduates to reflect on the role they will play in tackling the challenge of inequality.

What role will this class play in this human flourishing? How are you going to take what you have learned from our professors and from the exchange between each and every one of you to tackle this challenge?” he asked.

In response, Arredondo Villalba asked them to lead innovative, ethical, sustainable businesses that will transform the challenge of inequality into a challenge of development, either by creating new companies or questioning the status quo of their organizations.

The Class of June 2022 from the Monterrey site and from the EGADE MBAOnline graduated in that city on June 25.

The EGADE Business School Guadalajara Class of June 2022 will be graduating on June 29.

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