Fementrepreneurship and its Importance in the Future of Mexico

Being a female entrepreneur is to have a dream and pursue it systematically

Diversity and business performance go hand in hand. Even though the crisis caused by the pandemic could mean that companies' inclusion and diversity efforts will take second place for now, there is still a clear correlation between gender diversity and good organizational health, which, in turn, affects their bottom line. In fact, organizations that do not give up on diversity and inclusion will come out even stronger from this crisis.


Catastrophic events – either related to health, war or different types of natural disasters — as well as  social movements – #MeToo or #BlackLivesMatter, for example, — and technological, scientific and cultural advances, also provide opportunities to generate innovation and more resilient organizations.

In these times, women and men entrepreneurs can capitalize their creativity and innovation to create companies and organizations, generating jobs, value and wealth in their respective markets.

In pre-COVID-19 Mexico, women’s active participation in entrepreneurship was on the rise, growing their presence and relevance in the country’s ecosystem. In the new normal, women will continue to play an increasingly significant role in every area, in our country’s economic and social settings, and entrepreneurship is no exception.

Being a female entrepreneur means: pursuing a dream and doing so systematically, consistently, while constantly looking for a market segment that is in trouble, with sensitivity, with empathy, always seeking the good of society and the ecosystem of the people who will be affected by such entrepreneurship. It also implies adding the greatest value possible to the ecosystem as a whole and providing the fair distribution of value.

There is no doubt that women possess the qualities to be successful in the initiatives they have set their minds on, in general, and in entrepreneurship, in particular. But, here the question is: Why will the role of women in this new era of enormous social and economic issues be pivotal?

Because, in the post-pandemic period, we will need, more than ever, people who develop entrepreneurial initiatives with an enormous sense of social responsibility, with empathy for and understanding of the reality that might be different and that we should undoubtedly exploit in order to change structures, culture and society. Women will be playing a leading role in a reality that is different to and better than the world we used to know.

There has been a boom in fementrepreneurship over the past 10 years, with the increasing participation of women entrepreneurs in the Mexican entrepreneurship ecosystem. Female entrepreneurs found and direct business ventures that are growing substantially and their impact on society is increasing at higher rates than other sectors. These business ventures can be found in all industries, but with a social emphasis in each and every one of them.

The range is broad: from an entrepreneurship that we could call individual, through to community and finally corporate. They all contribute to the economy of families, populations and society. They are replete with hard work, adversities, passion, dedication, surmounting the scorn and obstacles they face simply because there are promoted by women.

In our society, women have to put even greater effort into their entrepreneurships, since they are yet to be appreciated in their full dimension and the obstacles we still put in their paths are significant. All the situations women have had to deal with over the centuries have made them more resilient, empathetic, and used to overcoming difficulties and prevailing over any circumstance. They are becoming increasingly empowered and comfortable with teamwork, a key competency of entrepreneurship.

They will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the evolution of business models and in the creation of the new business ventures our country so badly needs, generating jobs with the level of remuneration we need and with the development that people need to grow, in every sense of the word. Women entrepreneurs are more sensitive to human flourishing, it’s in their DNA, and will be the driving force for change that, today, cannot be postponed. Fementrepreneurship will grow at higher rates over the coming years and gain the importance it deserves, enabling the transformation of our society for the benefit of all.

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