Development Program for Instructors, Researchers, Decision Makers, Practitioners, and Entrepreneurs

  • We design and offer Development programs for multiple audiences including Instructors, Researchers, Decision Makers, Practitioners, and Entrepreneurs.

    One example of the programs we offer is an executive education program “Circular Economy Business Model: Construction Strategies” that we delivered in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation created to solve the great challenge of modern businesses and entrepreneurs, ”being able to transform a sustainable business into a financially profitable and competitive one" (2016).

    The program includes six sessions over four months, which together offer a current overview of the circular economy and its application to business redesign.

    • Why is the circular economy the key to sustainable growth?
    • How to transform a linear chain into a circular value system
    • Mental models of circular economy archetypes
    • How to design circular economy business models
    • How to transform CE value into competitive advantages
    • How to formulate a strategy for the transition to circular business models