John Danner: Innovation, engaged employees fuel companies growth

Every company wants growth, and that requires more than just more work, said yesterday Princeton & UC Berkeley professor John Danner at the INC Corporate Innovation & Growth Forum. 

"Companies need to fuel growth and, fundamentally, that is about innovation. Because innovation is not really about more. Innovation is about better. And better is driven by the spark of innovation. The question is how can you release the potential of innovation in your organization," told attendees.

During his workshop "Unleashing The Power of Innovation in your Organization: Balancing Execution with Experimentation and Failure", Danner added that companies also need engaged employees to met growth and innovation. 

"And the hardest thing of all is to create a culture of genuinely engaged employees, people who are committing their energy, their enthusiasm, their creativity, their drive, their idealism, to what it is your company wants them to do", he said.

Danner mentioned that, according to a Gallup research, from 60 to 80 percent of employees worldwide tend to be either actively or significantly disengaged from their fundamental day to day jobs. 

"So it's very hard to get innovational growth if you start off with an employee base that is fundamentally not engaged," said the bestselling author and trusted advisor to enterprises and governments. 

In a hands-on exercise, Danner invited attendees to think "outside the box" to create growth, innovation and employee engagement in their companies and asked them to think what's keeping them today "inside the box".

"Thinking 'inside the box' has a name and it's the biggest obstacle that you as an executive concerned about growth, innovation, and engaged employees are encountering every day in your organization. And that name is the status quo. That's what's inside the box. The status quo means keep doing what we've already comfortable with. Keep doing what we already know how to do to stay inside the proverbial box", he said. 

The INC Corporate Innovation & Growth Forum was an exclusive event for large corporations pursuing growth, that took place during the 2018 edition of INCmty, the most important entrepreneurship event in Latin America.