New Program puts Digital Transformation in the Hands of Companies

To help companies understand the potential and challenges of industry 4.0 and design their digital transformation strategies, EGADE Business School has launched the executive education program Managing Digital Transformation.

Designed to assure a unique, high-value experience for leaders who will be implementing digital transformation in organizations, this new program was offered for the first time from October 29 to November 2 at EGADE Business School Guadalajara.

Dr. Raúl Montalvo, director of the school, explained that the program targets business owners and directors, decision-makers from strategic areas, and innovation managers for products, services and processes, to help them adapt their companies’ business models to the new digital economy trends, supported by the design and use of work structures with an orientation or capable of evolving towards a digital culture.  

“This program focuses on generating skills and competencies in the use of digital technologies for value creation and organizational change. The topics covered include the Fourth Industrial revolution, new business models, leadership in the digital era, digital business architecture, dual transformation, digital sectorial transformation and its strategies. By combining instruction with workshops, participants graduate from the program with a digital transformation strategy proposal or project to apply in their company,” Dr. Montalvo explained.

The 36-hour Managing Digital Transformation program is presented in a face-to-face format over one week, and consists of four modules and five workshops taught by globally renowned academics and business leaders.
With this new executive education program, which will also be offered in Mexico City and Monterrey, EGADE Business School reaffirms its commitment to develop leaders and transform organizations toward the innovation, competitiveness and growth demanded by the global businesses of today.

For further information on the program, visit: https://egade.csf.itesm.mx/sites/EGADExEd-Transformacion-Digital.html